Reusable nappies can be washed, dried, and used again. Disposable nappies must only be used once before they are thrown out. Reusable nappies can be found in many styles. Modern cloth nappies are easy to use and care for and a practical choice for most families.

At first, we understand that cloth or reusable nappies may seem confusing. It doesn’t have to be like this! Our goal at The Nappy Gurus is to help you achieve reusable nappy happiness. We can help you choose the right nappy for you and your lifestyle. Once you start using reusable nappies, you will find that they are easier to use than you first thought. Many reusable nappies are as simple as disposables, as they don’t require complicated wash routines.

We remove the guesswork from selecting and using a reusable nappie that suits your family’s needs. Let’s start pointing you in a good direction.

When can I use reusable nappies for my baby?

You can start using reusable nappies right away! Reusable diapers are safe for babies of any age. Many parents find that they are more satisfied with the reusables on their newborns because there are fewer “blowouts.” Reusables are a great option. The elastic around the legs and at the back of a nappy helps to contain everything, as it should. Learn more about how to use reusable diapers with a baby in our guide

If you choose this route, then you can opt for a href=””>one-size reusable nappy/a> that will generally provide optimum fit from around the 10lbs / 4.5kg mark and can be used on your baby right up to approximately 2.5 years, or a href=” You can choose to use a reusable one-size nappies, which will fit your baby from 10lbs/4.5kg and onwards, up until approximately 2.5 years of age, or potty train.

What do I need to start?

The number of reusable diapers you need will vary depending on your baby’s age. Start with 15 nappies and increase as needed. You can always buy more if you run out of nappies between washings. You can know what you need by checking out our budget nappy kit.

Store dirty nappies

Most people today prefer a hanging bag to a bucket, but both work. It’s enough to have a large container for wet diapers until washing day. You can carry a waterproof bag with you when you are out and about to store wet nappies.


Nappy Boosters are reusable pads that you can use inside your nappies to increase their absorbency. They are handy, and hemp or bamboo fiber nappy boosts provide the best absorbency.

Disposable Liners

Disposable nappies liners are optional but valuable, particularly when your child reaches weaning age. These liners can be used to catch solids in your nappies and thrown away.

Start your journey with reusable nappies

You can choose how you want to cloth diapers. You can use the same brand and type of nappies or create a collection of many different brands and styles. You can choose to use reusable diapers full-time or on a part-time basis. Remember, even if you only change one cloth nappy per day, it is still one less disposable nappie in landfills!

We recommend that you pick up a starter kit from The Nappy Gurus. Our starter packs and trial kits will help you find the best nappies for your baby. You can choose from various styles and brands to find the one that suits you best.

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