What is a Reusable Nappy? How is it different from a Day Nappy?

Parents often feel panicked by the thought of using cloth nappies at night, but it is unnecessary.

A nighttime reusable Nappy can be worn for a prolonged period, from 10 pm to 7 am or from 6 pm to 6 or 7 am.

What makes a nighttime cloth nappy different than a daytime cloth Nappy

Even if a cloth napkin is designed for nighttime, it can also be used for daytime. A cloth Nappy is likely suitable for the day if it is night-time-friendly.

The absorbency level makes the difference between nappies used in the morning and night. A nappie used during the day should be able to hold enough urine to last for at least 2 hours. If the nappie is to stay all night, it should be significantly more absorbent. Parents may choose to use different nappies during the day and night. However, it is not necessary.

It is easy to reduce your nappy stash by simply switching to nighttime nappies.

What Cloth Nappies Are Suitable for Nights to Use?

This question can be asked anywhere on the internet, and 99 percent of the time, you’ll get the answer that two-part nappies are the best. Many types of two-part nappies are available, including terry nappies or fitted nappies. We have a wide selection of nappies available. They are all two-part because we specialize in nappies with brilliant absorbency.

You don’t need separate night nappies if you use two-part nappies during the day. It is possible to increase the number of nappies used during the day. This can be done by increasing the number of nappies you use daily. This could be done by using terry nappies during the day and adding a hemp booster to increase their capacity. Or, you could use fitted nappies during the daytime and add a prefold or trifold for nighttime wear. There are so many combinations possible thanks to two-part nappies.

In our older blog post, you can find more ideas and examples on how to use the nappies you already own or help to choose nappies for nighttime. We provide a variety of models.

Our family uses Bombacio cotton fitted nappies every day. We add a Bombacio Super Booster to our nighttime Nappy. This ensures that the Nappy lasts for our youngest child all night.

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