Review of Bambino Mio & Tots Bots Easy Fit Cloth Nappies

In my quest to live, slow down, and live mindfully, cloth nappies are among the numerous things I have discovered I love. I get asked frequently what I think about cloth nappies and what brands are the most effective. There are many brands on the market and, in my reviews of cloth nappies, I’ve found something I admire in every one of them.

Cloth nappies are an excellent option for your household. My experience has taught me that finding the right brand is essential since some brands are better suited for heavier wetters, while others are better suited for smaller or smaller babies.

Today, I’d like to share my experiences with two well-known brands’ most popular nappies: Tots Bots EasyFit Star and Bambino Mio Miosolo. I hope this can help you consider whether these nappies suit your child. If not, I’ve got some alternatives that could be more suitable.

What are cloth nappies made of?

For those new to this, cloth nappies work similarly to disposable nappies worn by toddlers and infants every day or in the evening. The difference is that they’re washable and reusable.

Once your child has used the nappies, you can remove, wash, and reuse them. This makes cloth nappies a greener and more sustainable option than disposable nappies that are used only for a single time.

Most disposable nappies can last as long as 400 washes, making them more economical over the long term. For more information, go through the complete guide to cloth nappies for those new, or check out this video on YouTube explaining how to start using cloth nappies.

Positives of Tots Bots EasyFit

Tots Bots EasyFit is an excellent nappy to test for those who are new parents or are just beginning to learn about cloth nappies. Because they’re easy to install and affordable, they’re a great introduction to cloth nappies (though keep in mind the disadvantages I’ve mentioned below!)


Due to their velcro closures, Bots EasyFit is fast and straightforward to wear. This is comparable to disposable nappies, making it an easy transition for parents with new children and parents not used to cloth nappies and nervous childcare providers.


They are among the tiniest birth-to-potty cloth nappies; Tots Bots EasyFit is an ideal choice for smaller infants. The small size of their design can accommodate a baby as tiny as 10 lbs, smaller than many diapers for babies, and less than the Bambino Solo.


Tots Bots EasyFit are among the few cloth nappies produced in the UK, meaning they have less environmental impact than nappies shipped from abroad. But the material used to make the nappies is sourced outside the UK, which means they’re not non-carbon emissions on the way to you. But, since they are produced in the UK, the production employs residents and the peace of mind that production workers work in safe conditions.

Negatives of Tots Bots EasyFit

Despite their simplicity, There are some downsides with Tots Bots EasyFit cloth nappies. It is based on your individual preferences on whether they’re a deal-breaker for you. Confident parents will not find these issues to be a problem for them at all.


In contrast to Bambino Mio Miosolo cloth nappies, Tots EasyFit has elastics that have been rolled in the seams. This ensures an easy fit around your child’s legs and seems seamless. But, this is also a sign that if the diaper isn’t placed correctly, it will likely leak, especially when your child is highly wetter. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that the nappy is perfectly fitted and, in particular, that the entire inner fabric is secured inside.


While Tots Bots EasyFit can be a little less absorbent than Bambino Mio Miosolo cloth nappies, they’re not as durable as other nappies in absorption. Wetter parents may have more leaks than other brands, but you can always add boosters to boost the absorption.


Based on my experience, Velcro fasteners are easy for toddlers to remove and can lead to problems! This is why popper nappies are a good option for parents of toddlers. Velcro’s ease of use will undoubtedly outweigh the disadvantages, particularly if your child has no fun with the Velcro. However, it’s essential to mention it if it’s something you’re struggling with.

Positives of Bambino Mio Miosolo

As with all nappies, Bambino Mio Miosolo has some apparent advantages, particularly when compared to TotsBots EasyFit. They are a less expensive alternative and more suitable for giant toddlers and babies.


Like Tots Bots EasyFit nappies, Bambino Mio Miosolo is also equipped with Velcro fastenings, so curious toddlers can unclip them whenever possible! This isn’t an excuse not to buy these nappies, but you should be conscious of it if you have a child who enjoys playing with their nappy.

Should I buy Tots Bots EasyFit or Bambino Mio Miosolo?

From my personal experiences, both Tots Bots EasyFit and Bambino Mio Miosolo are great places to begin if you are new to cloth nappiesĀ or s.

All-in-one nappies are simple to use and adjust to, even if you’ve never used disposable nappies or are a parent.

But, despite their value as all-in-one nappies, they’re not the most affordable options on the market. There are less expensive alternatives with different advantages (which I’ll review further).

In general, all-in-one nappies are the most expensive form of cloth nappies. If you want to save money, you’re probably better off with all-in-two flats or fitted nappies such as pre-folds and mussels.

You might also discover that neither napper is absorbent enough to perform consistently. If you are struggling with the nappies mentioned above, you have other alternatives, and I suggest you don’t stop using cloth nappies!

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