How to Use Cloth Nappies on Holiday

Pim Pam is an independent small business that makes the most gorgeous cloth nappies, featuring designs designed by the founder Aless Baylis. They’re thin, light, quick drying, and light, making them a perfect holiday nappie. Pim Pam also recently launched disposable swim nappies that my kids slept in during our trip this year! There is a 10% discount discount at Pim Pam using the coupon code ABODERIE.

The holiday season is a bit different with children. While they used to be filled with relaxing nights and peaceful days, they are now more chaotic with kids with us. The rest you get on a holiday with babies is precious, and it’s not surprising to find nappies in the last place on your list. If you’ve come to enjoy using nappies made of cloth at home, you’ll likely be tempted to test and take them on vacation with you.

Naturally, this requires some logistical issues and an amount of planning. How do you create cloth nappies for the holidays?


When I think of using cloth nappies while away from home, I always recall the times before disposable nappies, when there was no alternative. It’s possible to achieve anything when you put your heart to it, much like our innovative mothers and grandmothers would have done on themselves on trips to the beach.

Ultimately, I am convinced that having a bit of convenience now and then, even at a tiny cost to the environment, can be worth it. The holidays are a time to be a time of relaxation! It is possible to bring some nappies made of cloth and use them for a short period. For instance, I often switch to disposable nappies at night, when we’re not home, to lighten the load of washing and minimize the space needed to store nappies.


If you decide to take your nappies on a trip, A little planning goes far. It all starts the moment you plan your trip since the most effective step you can take to prepare is to pick accommodations with a reliable washing machine. You can use cloth nappies even if you do not have a washer. However, you’ll spend more time washing either in the launderette or washing your clothes by hand. You may want to take detergent in all cases, particularly when you believe you cannot purchase a suitable detergent.

In the days before you leave, you should consider arrangements to ensure that you don’t have to take dirty nappies with you for a long distance or keep clean nappies at home to sit for too long. My preferred method is to save the nappies I intend to bring along and use those needed for the two days before our departure. Depart. So, the used nappies can be washed before leaving and taken with us. We generally don’t carry nappies at nightaway along with us, so we typically switch to disposable nappies at night for a few nights before leaving.

If you’re headed to more sun-soaked climes, you’ll require reusable nappies for your swim in your bag.


If you’re planning to visit more sun-soaked climes, you’ll require reusable nappies for your swim in your bag. As opposed to regular cloth nappies, they don’t have to be snug and don’t contain any absorbency especially and are usually less challenging to clean because they’re generally (!) not as filthy. Even if you’re not yet entirely committed for wearing clothes for your holiday, I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy them!

It’s just a matter of a couple to begin. Wet nappies not ruined can be put into a normal wash cycle (or with other nappies when you have them). If you find a dirty one, you can throw any solids into the toilet and run a wash cycle before adding them to the typical white process. They’re also easier to wash by hand than standard nappies, so these are feasible even if you do not have access to a washer.

My favorite nappies for swimming are the gorgeous ones produced by¬†Pim Pam. The designs are stunning, the fit is perfect, and they’re super durable.


It’s one of the most challenging aspects of traveling using cloth nappies! Babies already carry many accessories, so getting many nappies can be difficult. There are a variety of methods to achieve this.

First, you should start by taking a small, lightweight nappie to take with you. The most effective option is to opt for flat nappies such as the bright Bots cotton flats that are thin, absorbent, and will not cost you a lot. Don’t be intimidated by the thought that flat nappies aren’t the best option; fold them into a rectangle and then place them in a waterproof cover. It is also possible to manage only carrying a couple of waterproof covers you can use when they’re wet; you’ll be able to wipe them clean and reuse them many times before washing. If you’re not thrilled with purchasing an additional set of nappies, you may want to consider hiring nappies from a cloth Nappy Shopor¬†Nappy Library.

If you can’t choose between purchasing or hiring holiday nappies’, a different alternative is to bring enough nappies for a day or two and wash them more frequently. If you’re heading to a hot location, your child may be wearing nappies for swimming (or even no nappies!) during the day, which means you’ll probably get away with having fewer. It’s also possible that the lovely heat makes your nappies dry faster.

One of the most effective ways to reduce packing is to keep your nappies for the night at home. Since they’re usually the biggest and heaviest, it’s an excellent method to reduce the amount of stuff you carry.

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