Cloth nappies make it easier for children to use the toilet

Parents and grandparents from all walks of the country can share their stories of the good old terry nappie.

Terry nappies were the preferred nappy in the 1980s when I was born. Although disposables were invented, I am still young. They were mostly reserved for the wealthy.

Depending on the person you talk to, you might hear stories about how great terry’s nappies were along with the plastic pants or how awful the experience was. Either way, you will be told how horrible the entire experience was.

There is no right or wrong. Experience is what matters, and everyone has different tastes. Things have changed. Plastic pants are not the norm, nor is soaking, boiling, or stewing nappies. We are so lucky to have such fantastic washing machines.

I’m confident that terry nappies are still relevant, keeping this in mind. They are the original and best.

Why should you choose terry nappies instead?

Terry nappies can be a real workhorse. They are highly absorbent and can be washed at high temperatures as needed. The cotton version can also be passed at high heat and doesn’t require any special handling. Terry nappies are affordable and can be fastened onto babies using an invention called a “nappy nippa.” This means that there’s no need to rip the fabric. Terry nappies are still extremely popular today, and this is due to their brilliant design. Many families say they wish they’d used terry nappies right from the beginning. They don’t have to faff with fancy styles like pocket nappies, which aren’t as reliable as a terry one.

Why not opt for terry nappies instead?

They can be more cumbersome than other nappies and have a higher faff. Although folding is easy, it is not difficult. If this isn’t for you, then maybe walk away. You can fold a terry napkin, make a sandwich, and fold a shirt. There are many ways to fold a nappie, so pick the one you like.

How to use Terry nappies

The nitty gritty. This is what you came to this site for.

Folding terry isn’t difficult, despite the doubters who have never tried it. To get started, all you have to do is pick a fold.

Do not be alarmed if you have read that this fold is only for boys while the other folds are for girls. It doesn’t matter 99 percent of the time. You might want to improve your folding skills, but we recommend starting with the basics.

The Bat Fold is a good option if the baby is young and small. A bat fold usually has a shorter length. It is ideal for those who need a smaller napkin.

The Kite Fold and the Gaynor Fold are great options for babies who have outgrown the time of being newborns. There are many other options, but you should choose one to learn. Gaynor Fold is our favorite. It saw us through many nights with our oldest daughter right up to the time she stopped using nappies to go to bed. YouTube has many folding videos.

After you have folded the terry nappie, slide it under the baby’s bum. Next, pull the wing sections around the middle by pulling one at a time from the gusset. If you like, secure the nappy with a Nappi Nippa (or some nappy pins).

After the baby is secured, you can cover it with a wrap. These covers come in all kinds of beautiful patterns. These covers can be adjusted in size if needed. However, when using terry nappies or wraps, it is unnecessary to worry about fitting the wrap accurately and neatly. It is essential to ensure that there is no terry napper sticking out.

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