Buy More, Spend Less: Cheap Nappies Could Be a False Economy

We didn’t feel the need to spend more money when we first started using cloth nappies. Later, we realized that cheaper options might not be the best option.

What does it mean to say that some nappies are better than others?

There are many styles and types of nappies on the market today. However, a few different fabrics also make up the absorbency portion of these nappies.

The absorbency of each fabric is different. Each style of napkin is different in how absorbent it is. These factors have a direct impact on how absorbent a napkin is. The absorbency abilities of each nappie directly impact how reliable it is. But, more absorbent nappies perform better than others. On the whole, more absorbent nappies perform better than less absorbent ones.

I cannot afford to buy the best nappies. I can only afford the cheapest.

We get it. Buying better is a privilege that only a few can enjoy. When we looked at the best nappies for our oldest, we felt the same. Since baby number two, we’ve learned a lot about the less expensive nappies.

We are referring to the budget-friendly pocket nappies that we chose. We used them for years and needed to understand why we needed to change or need more expensive nappies. We found out. The toddler years brought on a larger and more controlled bladder, leading to flooding multiple times per day. We also got extra washing and nappy changes thanks to those big floods.

Take into account

First, you need to consider how many cheaper nappies you will need. We used two more nappies per day than our eldest, despite using more affordable nappies.

A second consideration is how much extra washing will cost in terms of time and labor.

Next, consider the issue of chasing after solutions. These are the times when nappies that were working well suddenly stopped working well. More than one insert in a pocket napkin is needed, for example. You may need more inserts. If you are tired of the leaks, consider buying hemp. The cost of nappies that were once affordable has risen significantly.

Budget nappies were usually Alva Baby pocket nappies or a similar-priced brand. Alva pocket nappies are the cheapest option. If you choose more expensive pocket shells, this would increase the cost. There are many insert options available.

You might wonder if a more expensive pocket nappy is more reliable and effective. The short answer to your question is no. It’s not true. Many characteristics affect the fabrics that make up the absorbent portion of any cloth napkin, such as their absorbency level and speed. In our experience, however, even the most absorbent fabric sometimes has a different volume. A single hemp insert won’t absorb as much liquid as a flat terry-toweling nappy, regardless of its characteristics.

This budget nappy includes one bamboo terry napper, a trifold to increase its absorbency, and a wrap to protect it. These were meant to be used at night because pocket nappies weren’t suitable for nighttime use.

Bombacio-fitted nappies are the best. These nappies are used day and night, with two wraps for the day and one at night. We use a Bombacio Super Booster for the night to boost the nappy’s absorbency. Bombacio nappies last longer and are less absorbent than regular nappies. We are happy to change the baby every 3-4 hours, provided she is washed and dried between each change. The nappies have a stay-dry material lined on the inside. The baby isn’t left with wet fabric against her skin. Also, the absorbency abilities of the fabric are so high that the nappy never needs to be changed. This is acceptable, provided the nappies are clean and well-hygienic.

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