Reusable Cloth Nappies: Where do you start?

Don’t worry if you need to know where to begin if you are interested in using cloth nappies. We’ve got you covered.

While two-part nappies offer the best reliability, there are other options for those who might prefer them.

Drying space is limited, or you prefer pockets to all-in-one nappies. While we all have different preferences, confirmation bias is a common problem.

What is confirmation bias?

Confirmation bias refers to the way we search for evidence that supports our decision or opinion. This could be if you’ve done some Google searches and liked All in One nappy. It’s simple, just put on the nappies, take them off, wash, dry, and repeat. They sound amazing. Next, you go online to search for proof that All One nappies are the best reusable nappies. Although you might believe you are seeking balanced opinions, this is not always the case. You will always counter objections, gather evidence to back your position, and ensure you are firm in your decision.

Confirmation bias can lead to you falling for some of its downfalls. You might also need to realize that certain fabrics have a higher absorbency than others. In this case, you may end up purchasing in One nappy which is either not as absorbent or take days to dry.

You might also fall in love with a brand simply because it has the correct patterns or because someone you know loves them. Because they are the most popular, you must have heard them mentioned before. This is only sometimes true.

Many small nappy companies need help to afford to be featured in the media to send nappies to Joe Wicks or to appear on the shelves at the supermarkets. They are still good brands, but better than the big ones. In some cases, it is far from the truth.

The Cloth Nappy Podcast

The cloth Nappy Podcast was created for one reason. This podcast provides factual information on each type of cloth nappy, including the pros and cons. The podcast also provides all the information you need to decide which nappies will be best for your family.

At the time of writing, ten episodes are available on the podcast. All are brief. Listen to the entire series in less than an hour. Learn everything you need before you buy reusable cloth nappies.

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