The RAWr Range of cloth nappies has been carefully designed to suit babies and children during all stages of their growth while needing nappies full time or for overnight and day sleeps. Their side snap design (with closures placed at hip point rather than fastening at front of nappy) means no bulky velcro or snap closures need to be accommodated under pants or PJ’s. Sizing guide and more information.

No sound on videos so you can watch without disturbing any little people:

How to stuff the Stuff n Snap AIO night nappy

How to fit the Stuff n Snap AIO night nappy

How to fit the Soakmaster1000 OSFM fitted night nappy (Part 1)

How to fit the Soakmaster1000 fitted night nappy (Part 2)

How to use the Hemp Contour Prefold, with and without hemp trifold boosting

Soakmaster1000 fitted night nappy – Tong pocket stuffing hack:

Soakmaster1000 fitted night nappy – Tong pocket stuffing hack with extra front boosting:

How to fit the 360 PUL nappy cover with RAWr prefold:

Using the mini360 cover with a cotton terry flat (same way to use it with any flat or fitted nappy underneath):

At RAWr we strive to develop and offer solutions to help you keep baby in 100% cloth:  Reducing cost, household waste and possible allergens against baby’s delicate skin. Our products are thoughtfully and ethically manufactured in small runs by a small family business, not in a factory. This means sought-after colours or sizes may be out of stock occasionally, we try to avoid this happening but sometimes it does  – our apologies in advance if this causes any inconvenience.

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Wholesale enquiries are welcome from registered businesses – both online and bricks and mortar contact us for more information.