These are the 3 Things You Need to Use Muslin Cloths for Newborn Nappies

1 High-quality Muslin

2 PUL Wrap (cover) to cover the top

3 A Nappi Nappa to secure the muslin

High-Quality Muslin Cloth

A good quality muslin cloth is necessary to make a reusable napkin. We recommend Muslinz brand muslins. These muslins are made for this purpose and have a thick enough thickness to complete the task. You can use muslins of lower quality, but the absorbency would be lower. You can change your baby less often, but newborns need to be changed more frequently. To get a better level of absorbency, you can put two sheets together.

For a newborn napper, use the PUL Nappy Wrap.

There are many options available when choosing the reusable napkin wrap you would like to use. The Bells Bumz size 1-sized wraps are our favorite. The soft fleece edging makes the wraps slightly longer lasting than other brands. It is possible to buy a more oversized wrap (often called ‘birth to potty size’). Although it will be larger than usual, it will still do the job. Our 7-pound daughter used bombastic wraps without any problems.

What is a Nappi Nippa, you ask?

Snappis are also known as Nappi Nippas. They are a T-shaped, stretchy gizmo with what can only be described as a claw at each end. The claws grab onto the muslin to hold it in place. The baby will be safe because there are so many layers of cloth between your skin and the nappi napi nipple. Compared to older methods of using safety pins, known as nappy, Nappi nipples can be considered more accessible.

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