I’m proud to announce that RAWr Nappies is now a part of the Australian Nappy Association!!

What does this mean?

It means RAWr is now a part of the leading industry body for reusable nappies in Australia – I have joined a professional collective of well known businesses that strive to grow cloth nappy usage through collaboration, research and knowledge.

The ANA was founded in 2014 and is growing and evolving to suit the changes that continue as the reusable nappy industry grows and changes. With such a knowledge base and the collective ideas that have come together it is making it possible to, for example, introduce cloth to child care centres and to provide a neutral voice (not attached to any one business, and not to further sales for any one business) in advocating for cloth nappy use in Australia.

Have a look around their website if you are interested, in particular it is worthwhile signing up to the ‘Cloth Matters’ newsletter to keep up to date on what events are on, as well as inspiration and support in your cloth nappy journey… and a FREE Cloth in Childcare Ambassador Pack!