Sheepish Grins offers the most stable lanolin spray for wool you can buy. Sheepish Grins lanolin is rated above pharmaceutical grade with no additives or preservatives.

Spray lanolin is so easy to use, moisturising and lanolising wool nappy covers in one step. Made with all gentle ingredients including pure lanolin, organic coconut, olive, hemp and jojoba oils. Does not contain polysorbate, parabens, pthalates, preservatives, colourants, SLS or other detergents.

To Use: Shake gently and spray well on clean damp or dry wool. Spray on both inside and outside of wool covers and gently massage into the fibres. Allow to dry. Reapply each time the cover is washed.

  • Each bottle contains 133ml (4.5oz) of lanolin spray. Available in a choice of EO blends (Natural Sleep Blend or Calming Blend).

(EO) – Essential Oils or Natural Extracts typically from plants and herbs. None of the scents in this selection use chemical fragrances. Great choice for those sensitive to chemical fragrances.