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Made from thirsty bamboo terry and super heavy weight bamboo fleece, super heavy weight bamboo prefolds are designed to be folded and laid inside the 360 Cover, other PUL covers or the Toddler-One-Size Pocket for overnight 12-14 hours wear.

Discounted bulk buy packs 3 or 6 night nappies + covers or pull ups. To buy single bamboo night weight prefolds click here.

If using prefold nappies full time we recommend 24 hemp prefolds, 8 to 10 covers or pull ups, and 3 to 6 night weight prefolds to allow for washing and drying every 2 to 3 days.


Buy RAWr’s thirsty night prefolds in bulk buy bundles.

RAWr Nappies Night Weight Bamboo Prefolds:

Made from thirsty bamboo terry and bamboo fleece in a 2x3x2 design making 7 layers of absorbency when folded.

Absorbency Rating: Average Wetter – Suitable for average wetters. Can be boosted for heavy wetters, front soakers and power wetters.

Weight Ranges:

Stretchy Hemp Terry Prefold and Bamboo Night Weight Prefold:

  • Size 0: approximately 0 – 3 months (2.5 to 5.5kg)
  • Size 1: approximately 2 – 12 months (4.5 to 9kg)
  • Size 2: approximately 6 months – 2.5 years (7.5 to 12kg)
  • Size 3: approximately 2 – 6 years (11 to 24kg)

360 PUL or MinkyPUL OSFM Nappy Cover:

  • Mini: Newborn to approximately 8 months (designed to pair with size 0 and size 1 prefolds)
  • One Size: Approximately 6 months – 5 years (designed to pair with size 1, size 2 and size 3 prefolds)

Toddler One Size Pull Up Nappy Shell:

  • Toddler One Size: 6 months to 6 years (designed to pair with size 1, size 2 and size 3 prefolds)

Prefold Pad Fold


We recommend a thorough rinse after use, followed by dry pailing (placing soiled nappies and covers in a dry pail after rinsing, until washing) but advise against leaving a soiled nappy longer than 2 days without washing.

Warm-hot machine wash. Hang to dry or prefolds can be dried in electric dryer on cool setting. No bleaching, fabric softener or soaking required. Natural fabrics shrink during their first few washes by 10-15%, if washed or rinsed in water above 60°C (not recommended or covered under warranty) this shrinkage could increase to up to 30%. Full RAWr Nappies care instructions are included with purchase and can also be found here with a list of preferred detergents readily available in Australia. Avoid detergents containing bleaches or cellulase (commonly referred to as ‘enzymes’) as these will strip and break down organic fibres.

As with most small-run handmade products there can be variance in the colours of materials. The exact colour of RAWr Nappies’ fabric and thread may differ slightly from the picture on your screen or from previous product runs, we try to keep the nappies as uniform as possible from one run to the next but sometimes it just can’t be avoided – if you have any questions please contact us for more info!

Wholesale enquiries: Register an account and contact us. Minimum expected order amount $200 excl. postage.

Additional information

Prefold Size

Zero (30.5×30.5cm), One (34x34cm), Two (40x40cm), Three (40x49cm)

Bulk Pack

Part Time Pack (3x Prefolds Only), Part Time Pack (3x Prefolds + 1x mini360 Cover), Part Time Pack (3x Prefolds + 1x 360 OSFM Cover), Part Time Pack (3x Prefolds + 1 Toddler Pull Up), Full Time Pack (6x Prefolds Only), Full Time Pack (6x Prefolds + 2x mini360 Covers), Full Time Pack (6x Prefolds + 2x 360 OSFM Covers), Full Time Pack (6x Prefolds + 2 Toddler Pull Ups)

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Sara M.
Rawr prefolds.

We are loving our rawr prefolds to boost our night nappies. 1 prefold 12 hours no leaks. Nappy ends up amazingly trim too which is important for my little petite miss.

Samantha M.
Bramboo night weight trifold

This saved a lot of issues with night nappies. We were using a flat under a pocket nappy. Now we can stuff the pocket with the trifold and one tummy booster to get through a 12hour night sleep. Loving my RAWr products.

Alice L.
Super Thirsty!

Loving using these in our stuff n snap nappies for night with a booster Super absorbent and haven’t had any leaks!!

Night weight bamboo prefolds

Love my prefolds! Purchased a 3 pack about 12 months ago to use as trifolds in the 360 cover for my toddler at night and have just stocked up on some more to use as prefolds overnight for my 3 month old. Great quality, very absorbent and versatile addition to any cloth nappy collection.


After one use, I think these are great! I pad folded it into the 360 cover and after 12 hours of wear with my 4mth old, it was still half dry! Plenty of length to fold over at the front for extra boy-absorbency. They do take a while to line dry (about a day and a half in Qld shade).

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