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Hemp Terry Prefolds are an all-round smart choice in cloth nappies, they offer the simplicity of a traditional cloth nappy while being even more eco-friendly than regular cloth, as they are produced from a hemp/cotton blend which is soft and stretchy and only gets more supple and comfy with washing. Hemp is absorbent and kind to the planet, it is also naturally resistant to mold and mildew.

Discounted bulk buy packs 6, 12 or 24 nappies + covers or pull ups. To buy single hemp prefolds click here.

If using prefold nappies full time we recommend 24 hemp prefolds, 8 to 10 covers or pull ups, and 3 to 6 night weight prefolds to allow for washing and drying every 2 to 3 days.

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Buy RAWr’s stretchy hemp prefolds in bulk buy bundles.

RAWr Nappies Stretchy Hemp Terry Prefolds:

Made from durable, environmentally friendly hemp terry in a 2x3x2 design making 7 layers of absorbency when folded.

Weight Ranges:

Stretchy Hemp Terry Prefold and Bamboo Night Weight Prefold:

  • Size 0: approximately 0 – 3 months (2.5 to 5.5kg)
  • Size 1: approximately 2 – 12 months (4.5 to 9kg)
  • Size 2: approximately 6 months – 2.5 years (7.5 to 12kg)
  • Size 3: approximately 2 – 6 years (11 to 24kg)

360 PUL or MinkyPUL OSFM Nappy Cover:

  • Mini: Newborn to approximately 8 months (designed to pair with size 0 and size 1 prefolds)
  • One Size: Approximately 6 months – 5 years (designed to pair with size 1, size 2 and size 3 prefolds)

Toddler One Size Pull Up Nappy Shell:

  • Toddler One Size: 6 months to 6 years (designed to pair with size 1, size 2 and size 3 prefolds)

Prefold Pad Fold


Hemp prefolds are:

  • one of the most simple and economical solutions in cloth nappies
  • hemp has antimicrobial qualities and is the most environmentally sustainable choice in cloth nappy fabrics
  • made with a generous width and has natural elasticity for most folds that require fastening with pins or nappy fasteners
  • soft, breathable and 20-30% more absorbent than cotton prefolds
  • can be pad folded in a cover or pocket shell, or fold and fasten with pins or a nappy fastener like Boingos to use under a cover (read more about how to fold prefolds here)
  • easy to clean, quick drying and can be dried in the dryer if required.


We recommend a thorough rinse after wear, followed by dry pailing (placing soiled nappies in a dry pail after rinsing, until washing) but advise against leaving a soiled prefold nappy and cover longer than 2 days without washing.

Warm-hot machine wash. Hang or lay flat to dry. No bleaching, fabric softener or soaking required. Bamboo and hemp fabrics shrink during their first few washes by 10-15%, if washed or rinsed in water above 60°C (not recommended or covered under warranty) this shrinkage could increase to up to 30%. Full RAWr Nappies care instructions are included with purchase and can also be found here with a list of preferred detergents readily available in Australia.

As with most small-run handmade products there can be variance in the colours of materials. The exact colour of RAWr Nappies’ fabric and thread may differ slightly from the picture on your screen or from previous product runs, we try to keep the nappies as uniform as possible from one run to the next but sometimes it just can’t be avoided – if you have any questions please contact us for more info!

Wholesale enquiries: Register an account and contact us. Minimum initial order amount $500 excl. postage.

Additional information

Prefold Size

One (34x34cm), Two (40x40cm), Three (40x49cm), Zero (30.5×30.5cm)

Bulk Pack

Starter Pack (6x Prefolds Only), Starter Pack (6x Prefolds + 2x mini360 Covers), Starter Pack Pack (6x Prefolds + 2x 360 OSFM Covers), Starter Pack (6x Prefolds + 2x Toddler Pull Ups), Part Time Pack (12x Prefolds Only), Part Time Pack (12x Prefolds + 4x mini360 Covers), Part Time Pack (12x Prefolds + 4x 360 OSFM Covers), Part Time Pack (12x Prefolds + 4x Toddler Pull Ups), Full Time Pack (24x Prefolds Only), Full Time Pack (24x Prefolds + 8x Mini360 Covers), Full Time Pack (24x Prefolds + 8x 360 OSFM Covers), Full Time Pack (24x Prefolds + 8 Toddler Pull Ups)

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Maddy B.
Thirsty prefolds that wash well

Great prefolds, thirsty and hold their shape with washing. Dry quickly and easy to get a nice fit with the stretch.

Beautiful stretch and super trim

I bought these stretchy hemp prefolds looking to add absorbancy, for heavy wetting newborn and nfor nghts I could not find another aussie store that sold hemp. I ordered the 6 hemp size 1 prefolds and they came very quick.These were so soft, stretchy and very easy to snappi around my bub keeping a trim look. We followed the easy to follow washing instructions provided. These are so stretchy and have terry material making it easy for a snapping unlike other prefolds with smooth material. I have only been using them from birth to 4 months love the look feel and absorbancy of these and my bub seems to enjoy wearing them

RAWr Nappies Value Pack: Stretchy Hemp Terry Prefolds ReviewRAWr Nappies Value Pack: Stretchy Hemp Terry Prefolds Review
Fiona F.
Fantastic mini night nappies!

I’m using these as snappied night nappies on my skinny bub who’s outwetting cotton prefolds at night but is too small for hefty night nappies. Amazingly absorbent and the material feels surprisingly dry even when saturated. My boy wets through the booster but the prefold still feels dry enough against his skin. Would highly recommend as mini night nappies!!

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