Toddler One Size Cloth Pull Up Nappy

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Stretchy PUL pull up nappy, designed to use from 6 months to 6 years during the day and overnight.

Use with:

  • RAWr night weight bamboo prefolds stuffed in the pocket or tucked under the internal 360 gusset for 10-14 hrs wear,
  • RAWr stretchy hemp prefolds stuffed in the pocket or tucked under the gusset for 2-4 hours wear,
  • any other flats or prefolds folded up, or other inserts or absorbent material stuffed in the pocket.

Unique design, stretchy PUL, elastic placement and internal 360° leak guard gusset allow quick pull-up baby and toddler changes, as well as catering for children who are ready to take control of their own toileting day or night.

  • Designed to be worn more loosely than regular modern cloth nappies, as the 360° gusset, strong elastics and stretchy PUL guards against leaks where others may not. By snapping to a slightly looser setting than usual to use as a pull up, the clever design gives a forgiving fit and keeps up with busy movers.
  • Side snaps allow the fit to be easily adjusted once it is pulled on – if needed,
  • To take them off, simply pull down or unsnap the side snaps if soiled – easy!

One nappy to fit from 6 months to 6 years.
Made from soft, gentle and stretchy materials to be kind to baby, budget and the earth.

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Stretchy PUL toddler cloth pull up nappies with 360° leak guard and breathable wetness wicking inner

Reusable pull ups night and day: Fits from 6 months to 6 years as the best leak free nappy solution!

Nappy One Size fits

 Weight range

  • Toddler One Size (6 months to 6 years): approximately 7.5kg – 24kg.

A unique reusable pull up, used as a day or overnight nappy solution for babies, toddlers who are too busy to stay still for a change, pre-schoolers and more independent school age children who still need some protection at night.

  • flexible design allows as much, or as little stuffing as you need – option to include Size 2 or 3 prefolds when you add to cart
  • side snap design, stretchy PUL and elastics allows use as a pull up nappy – for quick toddler changes and also kids who are ready to take control of their own toileting
  • Internal 360 gusset gives added protection just in case the nappy isn’t pulled up to give a perfect fit every time
  • Can be stuffed with any RAWr inserts or boosters or pretty much any absorbent options you may have at home, with enough room to stuff absorbent boosting for nights

The toddler one size pocket is designed to be used as a very simple nappy solution – just fold a prefold, trifold or flat nappy and stuff it inside the pocket under the stay-dry lining and gusset.

pull up cloth nappies

Our cloth pull up nappies are available in a range of solid colours and two cute prints thanks to collaboration with Vivi from Wicked Fabrics.


We recommend a thorough rinse after use, followed by dry pailing (placing soiled nappies in a dry pail after rinsing, until washing) but advise against leaving a soiled nappy longer than 2 days without washing.

Warm-hot machine wash. Hang to dry or can be dried in electric dryer on cool setting. No bleaching, fabric softener or soaking required. Natural fabrics shrink during their first few washes by 10-15%, if washed or rinsed in water above 60°C (not recommended or covered under warranty) this shrinkage could increase to up to 30%. Full RAWr Nappies care instructions are included with purchase and can also be found here with a list of preferred detergents readily available in Australia. Avoid detergents containing bleaches or cellulase (commonly referred to as ‘enzymes’) as these will strip and break down organic fibres.

As with most small-run handmade products there can be variance in the colours of materials. The exact colour of RAWr Nappies’ fabric, snaps and thread may differ slightly from the picture on your screen or from previous product runs, we try to keep the nappies as uniform as possible from one run to the next but sometimes it just can’t be avoided – if you have any questions please contact us for more info!

Wholesale enquiries: Please head over to our wholesale portal and register your interest.

Cloth pull ups and nappy pants in Australia – Tasmanian owned Modern Cloth Nappies

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Yellow, Teal, Rose

Add Absorbency?

Shell Only, Day Pull Up Sz2 +$14, Night Pull Up Sz2 +$18, Day Pull Up Sz3 +$16, Night Pull Up Sz3 +$21


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heather S.
Fantastic night option

I am currently using this nappy for nights for my 3 year old and 5 month old sons, and they are excellent. I'm going to buy more :)


I got this stuff n snap in a gorgeous green. It absolutely does the trick. With the trifold and extra insert we have had no leaks at all. The cut of the nappy is great meaning no change of side leaks. I would love to add some more of these to my collection!

Excellent choice for 3 year old

My 3 year old just loves her yellow pull up and finds it super comfy. She’s excited to put it on every night before bed. We had 1 night with leakage from heavy wetting but every other night in 2 weeks has been perfect. Have now ordered her another one! Easy to wash. The night prefold takes a while to dry so worth getting extras.

Carly O.

I just love the RAWr Toddler Pull Up, it’s so easy to put on and my boy can easily pull them down to do a wee at night. I just wish I got these a long time ago! Thank you Erin

Pull Ups 6 months-6 years

The overnight pull ups are fabulous. I have recently bought the bamboo overnight insert too. These are great for my children who are both toilet trained but need to wear a nappy overnight. This is reducing nappy landfill as I don't have to use a disposable nappy overnight.