Boingo nappy fasteners are the fun way to fasten a nappy! A cute, innovative solution to fasten prefold, flat and contour nappies, with curved grips to make sure baby’s nappy stays in place. Our favourite thing about Boingo fasteners is that they hook separately at the sides so there is no compression down the front middle of the nappy.

Boingo nappy fasteners are an easy and safe alternative to nappy pins when using cloth flat and prefold nappies.

How to use Boingo fasteners:

  • Silicon fasteners need to be ‘broken in’ they need to be stretched a few times to be pliable for quick and easy nappy changes. So give them a good hard stretch a few times before use.
  • Fit nappy on baby and then use the teeth on the underside of each end of the Boingo to grab the fabric and hold the nappy in place. You can do this by hooking the Boingo into the front of the nappy then pull it and stretch gently to hook the other end into the wing piece of the nappy.
  • Always use a cover over the nappy, do not allow baby to play with the Boingo or have access to pull it off. The teeth are very sharp to enable the best grip on fabric, so treat like you would nappy pins.

Fasteners are made with surgical grade silicon. Phthalate, BPA and PVC free.

Boingos come in a 2 pack (one pair of fasteners).