Looking for a well thought out and thorough review of one of the most eco friendly cloth nappy systems available in Australia? Well one of our happy customers, Mirai has you covered with this fantastic reusable nappies review.

Below are her reviews about the Disana Nappy System, Nappy Covers and the Organic Cotton Mattress Cover:


Disana nappy system (knitted nappy, muslin and brushed cotton nappy liners)

“This is the third time I am using Disana nappy system and prefer this traditional system from modern cloth nappies. I used it for my first two children who are now 8 and 6 and I have been using it since birth for our third child who is now 6 months old.
With first two children we were living in Tasmania, now we are living in Canberra. All layers are easy to wash (I loosely knot the knitted nappy strings before putting them in a nappy bucket or washing machine so they don’t entangle during washing) and they are very easy to dry, even during a wet winter that we just had! When I used them years ago, I didn’t pay much attention to the washing instructions, especially with regard to the spin speed. After I purchased these nappies again this year for my third child (I gave my old nappies away to my friend years ago when she had her children, so these nappies really last!), I stuck to the recommended max spin speed of 800rpm (using 600rpm) and it made a big difference, especially for the knitted nappies and muslins. They stay soft and don’t become so brushed over time.
I also love the fact that I can use one system all the way through to the toilet training, and it is easy to adjust them according to the baby’s need. The first few days it was easy to use just the muslin layer folded in origami (it was even enough). After the milk replaced colostrum we were using knitted nappy with the brushed cotton liner or with origami folded muslin layer. We got a boy and he wees a lot so sometimes we used all three layers which can be too bulky for a baby or small infant. The best was to change the nappy often and use just two layers. As infants grow, they seem to stay dry for some time, so although our boy is 6 months now, it is fine to use just a knitted nappy and muslin or all three layers. It is very comfortable and the knitted nappy with muslin insert looks very natural (not too thick).
I also love that the muslin nappy insert is so versatile in use and one can learn to find different ways to fold it as the child grows.
As our baby grew more and I started being more involved in our community, I  started using eco paper nappies for going out and during the night time, but I had experienced  many times that it didn’t matter much if he slept in cloth or paper nappy. When he needed a big sleep he slept longer time in cloth nappy, and when he started teething he woke up more frequently in paper nappy too. Using paper nappies in combination with cloth nappies made my life easier when I needed it to be easier.
One thing I appreciate a lot with these nappies: they don’t give rash to a baby. We don’t leave them long time on child and change them when it is necessary. When I started using eco paper nappies, I tried for a month one brand which gave our boy a lot of nappy rash especially around his groin. It was getting worse and I had to stop using the brand. Every-time I gave our boy Disana cloth nappy, the rash naturally subsided even after a short time. Wow!”

DISANA Woollen Covers and 360 Nappy Covers

“We used Disana nappy system in combination with Disana woollen nappy covers and 360 PUL and Minky nappy covers. Although 360 nappy covers are very soft and nice to use, I ended up using them more at the beginning (maybe he first two months) and gradually replaced their use with woollen covers only, which surprisingly turned to be very easy as they do not need to be washed every day (I washed them every 4-5 days, and between washes let them air dry inside or outside the house). With properly soaking them in lanolin they do not leak!
We purchased two Disana wool nappy cover small size (3-6 months) and two middle size  (6-12 months). Our boy was born big and kept growing fast so we used the size S maybe for the first three months and will need to upgrade to the next size L also earlier. We also purchased a couple of BabyBeeHinds pull up woollen nappy covers (Anavy woollen pull ups were not available as that time) and use them for going out as they are less bulky and more stretchy. I am planning now to try few Anavy woollen pull up covers, especially going into Canberra spring and summer”.

Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Cover / Change Mat

“This proved amazing. We are having the bigger size 70×90 cm and would not go smaller if used in a bed /cot. Our little one sleeps with us so we use it in our bed. Very useful, especially for wee or milk vomit accidents during the first 6 months!  It saved me many times in the early months and very easy to wash/dry. No leakage. Soft and organic, doesn’t make baby sweat”.

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