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RAWr Nappies was born from the original and popular Baby Safari Stuff n Snap side snapping nappy pattern. We provide a reasonably priced, quality and well designed range of nappies with carefully chosen and tested non-allergenic lining so that our babies won’t get rashes from sweaty, irritating synthetic linings like suede-cloth and microfleece found in most modern cloth nappies currently available. The lack of choice in better nappy linings is what led to the birth of RAWr, and to where we are today – specialising in the best cloth night nappies to help get a good night’s sleep!

The RAWr Range has been carefully designed to suit babies and children during all stages of their growth while needing nappies full time or during sleep times. Their side snap design (with closures placed at hip point rather than fastening at front of nappy) means no bulky velcro or snap closures need to be accommodated under pants or PJ’s. The front of the nappy sits comfortably under jeans, skirts and most commercially available baby pants rather than the front bulk of velcro or snaps being pushed into the lower tummy under clothes or when sleeping. This is especially important in night nappies for tummy sleepers, if bulking up the front of the nappy it’s not practical or comfortable to add to that bulk with front closures.

The RAWr Range of Nappies explained…

For day use:

The RAWr Stuff n Snap HERO is a super trim Side Snap One Size DAYTIME pocket nappy lined with bamboo velour or Coolmax (also known as Athletic Wicking Jersey) to suit babies from the day they are born until toilet training.

HERO Pocket PUL – PUL waterproof outer with Coolmax/Athletic Wicking Jersey lined inner and long contoured foldable bamboo fleece insert.

HERO Pocket Minky – MinkyPUL waterproof outer with Bamboo Velour lined inner and long contoured foldable bamboo fleece insert.

The RAWr Stretchy Hemp Terry Prefold is our answer to traditional nappies, as the name suggests they have been sewn in layers similar to a pre-folded flat. A simple and hardwearing choice, and being hemp they are our most environmentally friendly nappy. Designed to be folded in three and placed inside the 360 Cover’s gusset, they can also be used as boosting in RAWr Night Nappies too.
Available in Infant(Sz1) and Large (Sz2) sizes.

For night time use:

The RAWr Stuff n Snap Night Nappy All In One(AIO) has proven itself a trim yet highly effective velour lined COVER-LESS NIGHT nappy suitable for the heaviest wetters by simply adding extra boosting in the generous pocket.

Stuff n Snap Night Nappy AIO are sized for best fit:

  • Extra Large (Junior/Pre-schooler): approximately 14kg and up (31pd+)
  • Large (Toddler/Walker): approximately 9kg – 16kg (20pd – 35pd)
  • Medium (Crawler/Toddler): approximately 6kg – 12kg (13pd – 26pd)

The AIO Night Nappy consists of the Stuff n Snap AIO + contour bamboo fleece insert + trifold super heavy weight 500gsm bamboo fleece night booster. Recommended for heavy night time wetting or long travel times when nappy can’t be changed within 4 hours. Due to their popularity the Stuff n Snaps are not always stocked up in all colours and sizes, some sell out quick.

The SoakMaster1000 – One-size bamboo NIGHT FITTED is our solution for heavy wetting tummy sleepers and parents who prefer a fitted+cover night nappy system. A thoughtfully designed fitted pocket nappy designed specifically to meet the overnight needs of babies who wet more than average or need their nappies boosted in specific areas. Due to their popularity the SoakMasters are not always available, and can sell out quick.

The 360 Cover – One Size PUL waterproof cover with full internal gusset is the perfect fit over the SoakMaster1000 at each rise setting, a multifunctional side snapping cover gives un-rivalled leak protection over fitteds or with a prefold or flat nappy folded and placed inside the cover, under the gusset. Available in stretchy PUL and not-as-stretchy minkyPUL.

The RAWr Night Weight Bamboo Prefolds – Layers of bamboo fleece + bamboo terry make this our most simple night time solution. Folded in three and placed inside the 360 Cover it is easy, super-effective and budget friendly. These are so easy to boost for heavier wetters too – just fold extra absorbent layers inside.
Available in Infant(Sz1) and Large (Sz2) sizes.

The Toddler One Size 360 Pocket – The latest in comfortable and leak-free solutions for the bigger kids. A day and night time nappy to fit 6 months to 6 years, acting as a pull up nappy with extra gusset protection so big kids can take control and be independent when using the toilet during the night!

One of the many things that make RAWr Nappies so popular is the thought given to their design as well as the inner layer of fabric against baby’s skin: Bamboo velour or Coolmax. Only these cool, comfortable and non-allergenic materials cover the inner layer against baby’s bum making them hands down the best choice for sensitive skin. Our hemp and bamboo are OEKO-TEX 100 certified for use in baby wear and bamboo is sustainably grown in a non-polluted region of China. Our Colourgrown Cotton range is GOTS certified Organic cotton.

We strive to develop and offer solutions to help you get baby in 100% cloth to reduce cost, household waste and possible allergens coming in contact with baby’s delicate skin, our products are also thoughtfully and ethically manufactured in turn supporting other small family-owned businesses on the other side of the globe.

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