Lanolise wool covers with our range of Sheepish Grins and Disana wool wash and lanolin conditioners.

Buy lanolin in Australia. Caring for and lanolising your new wool nappy cover is easy with the right products. We stock lanolin infused soap bars, spray on lanolin, as well as Disana wool wash and conditioner.

Click here for more information on washing wool and lanolising wool covers.

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    Lanolin wool wash soap bars made with organic and natural ingredients including unrefined hemp seed oil, avocado oil, golden jojoba oil and other natural plant oils.

    These lanolin soap bars come wrapped in bio-film a plastic alternative made from corn that is biodegradable and compostable.

    Each bar contains pure, pharmaceutical grade lanolin, and produces just the right amount of lather to get your wool clean without too much rinsing.

    Extra lanolin has been added to this bar to moisturise and protect your wool items. The extra lanolin helps to preserve the lanolin in your wool items so you don't need to lanolise as often. To use: Simply lather in your hands and let the lanolin rich lather fill your basin.  Wash your wool in the lanolin rich water or gently rub bar of soap directly into wool or stains. Rinse gently and proceed to lanolise with liquid lanolin if more waterproofing is needed.
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    Made in Germany by Disana.

    A mild and natural wool wash especially suitable for the gentle washing of high quality wool and silk.

    Ingredients: 15-30% amphoteric surfactants, panamarine extract, vegetable protein, citric acid. Fragrance free, skin and environmentally friendly.