Looking for essentials or just starting a cloth nappy stash? Here is a collection of our best sellers to start out, or pad out, your reusable nappies and make sure you never have to run to the store for a pack of single use nappies ever again.

For all the benefits in using cloth there are not so many drawbacks. Sure, they need washing, but so do all those little clothes and bedding. They will all get soiled. The beauty of using cloth nappies in 2021 is that they really don’t take much more care than the rest of the washing. No longer are we boiling, bleaching or requiring hard manual labour to get through a load of nappies. It can be overwhelming though, before you have started, so here is an easy to manage guide.

How to use cloth nappies 101:

  1. Buy some to try, the simpler the better for those first ones. For a guide on how many cloth nappies you will need [head over here] (will open in a separate tab).
  2. Give them a few washes before baby arrives. Hang them on the line and admire their simple, wholesome beauty.
  3. Try them on a teddy, doll or your cat – get a feel for how they work before baby arrives.
  4. When you feel ready, try them on baby (as the cat breathes a sign of relief).
  5. If you find you have questions or feel overwhelmed, ask for help – join a group like the Australian Nappy Association‘s Facebook Group, our own Community Group or contact us directly, we are always keen to chat cloth with you.