Cloth Nappies by RAWr are a range of reusable cloth night time nappies designed to keep your baby happier, dry, comfortable and let you get a good nights sleep. Buy online for Australia wide delivery.

We offer solutions:

to rashes and allergies
to bedwetting
to leaks and wicking in disposables or cloth.

Trim fitting, absorbent and comfortable cloth nappies made with non-allergenic bamboo velour or athletic wicking jersey inners. All OEKO Tex certified safe for baby and certified organic fabrics where possible.
Nappies designed especially for heavy wetters, bigger kids and nights in cloth our night nappy and day ranges include:

Stuff n Snap® Night Nappy AIO Pocket our best seller – a night nappy that doesn’t need a separate cover to keep baby dry all night. With super soaker core, full layer of bamboo and enough absorbency for heavy wetters.

SoakMaster1000 Fitted Night Nappy is our other best seller. Designed for heavy night time wetting. The thirstiest night nappy around – a super soaker core and full layers of bamboo fleece, bamboo jersey and bamboo terry. With a large pocket and the option for outside tummy boosting. This nappy requires a PUL or lanolised wool cover for waterproofing.

Classic Hemp Prefolds are the best budget friendly night nappy. A simple and absorbent overnight cloth nappy: Designed to be folded in three and laid inside a 360 Cover or Toddler Pull Up and easily boosted for heavy wetters.

Contour Hemp Prefolds are a modern twist on the classic, by laying a thirsty hemp trifold inside and fastening the wings with a fastener they are a super simple and easy to use solution for little babies overnight.

360 Covers to use with prefolds, flats and fitted nappies for days or night time in cloth. The internal gusset offers superior leak protection. Designed specifically to fit like a glove over RAWr prefolds and the Soakmaster1000 fitted night nappy.

Toddler One Size Pull up used like nappy pants it can be stuffed for day or night time use. Stretchy PUL fits 6 months to 6 years. The internal gusset offers superior leak protection compared to other brands of pull ups available.

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    Use these seconds pull ups as a cover by placing prefold under PUL leak guard or just cut a hole in the lining and use as usual. Instructions below show how to mend the pocket opening to make the nappy as it's designed.

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    Soakmaster fitted night nappy
    One of the best night nappies in Australia, the Soakmaster1000 aims to please (and soak masterfully) giving the heaviest wetting babies a good night's sleep. Uniquely designed with full layers of complimentary bamboo fabrics and microfibre core and heavy weight hemp soaker. It will soak away till morning while the state of the art stay-dry inner layer keeps your little bundle dry all night too. Comes with or without additional snap on tummy booster for heavy wetting tummy sleepers! Soakmaster shell snaps are black in colour.
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    The night nappies included in value packs are complete cloth night nappies and each include their standard inserts. Inserts can be interchanged between each nappy and between Soakmaster1000 nappies and Stuff n Snaps if buying a mixed pack. Soakmaster1000 fitted night nappies require a wool or PUL cover for waterproofing overnight.

    • Buy a 3 nappy value pack if you already have at least one dedicated night nappy and want just enough nappies to get into 100% cloth every night.
    • We recommend buying a 6 pack if you live in a climate with longer-than-average drying times, more than one baby or child in night time cloth, or if you just want to have piece of mind that you will always have a night nappy clean and ready to go.
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    Made from thirsty bamboo terry and super heavy weight bamboo fleece, super heavy weight bamboo prefolds are designed to be folded and laid inside the 360 Cover, other PUL covers or the Toddler-One-Size Pocket for overnight 12-14 hours wear.

    Discounted bulk buy packs 3 or 6 night nappies + covers or pull ups. To buy single bamboo night weight prefolds click here.

    If using prefold nappies full time we recommend 24 hemp prefolds, 8 to 10 covers or pull ups, and 3 to 6 night weight prefolds to allow for washing and drying every 2 to 3 days.

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    cheap night nappies

    Super heavy weight bamboo prefolds designed to be folded and laid inside the 360 Cover, other PUL covers or the Toddler-One-Size Pocket for overnight 12-14 hours wear.

    Use with: Available in four sizes:
    • Zero: 0 – 3 months (Up to 5.5kg)
    • One: 2 – 12 months (4.5 to 9kg)
    • Two: 6 months – 2.5 years (7.5 to 12kg)
    • Three: 2 – 6 years (11 to 24kg)

    Now available in quantities of 3 and 6. Click here to shop Value Packs including mini360 or 360 Covers at reduced prices.

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    "I was super excited to try these, and they haven’t disappointed! I use them in the Toddler Pocket on all three of my kids and they are super thirsty and lusciously soft! I only had to boost them for my 5 year old tummy sleeping boy who saves all his water-drinking for night time, lol, but they haven’t missed a beat! One of my fave items in my stash."
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    Stretchy Prefold

    Classic Hemp Prefold

    Hemp Terry Prefolds are an all-round smart choice in cloth, they offer the simplicity of a traditional cloth nappy while being even more eco-friendly than regular cloth, as they are produced from a hemp/cotton blend which is soft and stretchy. Hemp is absorbent and kind to the planet, it is also naturally resistant to mold and mildew. To use as a night nappy just add a hemp trifold folded inside the prefold. Use with: Available in four sizes:
    • Zero: 0 – 3 months (Up to 5.5kg)
    • One: 2 – 12 months (4.5 to 9kg)
    • Two: 6 months – 2.5 years (7.5 to 12kg)
    • Three: 2 – 6 years (11 to 24kg)

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    360 PUL Nappy Cover


    Stretchy PUL nappy cover, designed for use as a waterproof cloth nappy cover for day time or overnight.

    Use with: Available in two sizes:
    • Mini: Newborn to 6-8 months old,
    • One Size: 6 months to approximately 5 years old.
    Select colour from drop down boxes to view each cover. Buy now, pay later - Afterpay and ZipPay available!
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    Stretchy PUL pull up nappy, designed to use from 6 months to 6 years during the day and overnight.

    Use with:
    • RAWr classic hemp prefold with a hemp trifold stuffed in the pocket or tucked under the internal 360 gusset for 10-14 hrs wear,
    • RAWr classic hemp prefold stuffed in the pocket or tucked under the gusset for 3-4 hours wear,
    • RAWr hemp trifold stuffed in the pocket or tucked under the internal 360 gusset for up to 2 hrs wear,
    • any other flats or prefolds folded up, or other inserts or absorbent material stuffed in the pocket.

    Unique design, stretchy PUL, elastic placement and internal 360° leak guard gusset allow quick pull-up baby and toddler changes, as well as catering for children who are ready to take control of their own toileting day or night.

    • Designed to be worn more loosely than regular modern cloth nappies, as the 360° gusset, strong elastics and stretchy PUL guards against leaks where others may not. By snapping to a slightly looser setting than usual to use as a pull up, the clever design gives a forgiving fit and keeps up with busy movers.
    • Side snaps allow the fit to be easily adjusted once it is pulled on - if needed,
    • To take them off, simply pull down or unsnap the side snaps if soiled - easy!

    One nappy to fit from 6 months to 6 years. Made from soft, gentle and stretchy materials to be kind to baby, budget and the earth.

    Select colour and absorbency from drop down boxes to view each nappy choice.