Prefolds are a twist on the traditional nappy, sewn so as they don’t need to be pre-folded before use. The prefold nappy is quite flexible in the ways it can be used, when you add the 360 Cover, they rival All-in-Ones in terms of being day care, or ‘sometimes-carer’ friendly!

Prefolds are so named as they are sewn up as ‘pre-folded’ flats, so they already have extra fabric down the middle (where it’s most needed). They can be used with or without pins or snappi, or Boingo fasteners, can be worn with or without a cover and are can be used as boosting in pocket nappies too!

There are lots of ways you can use prefold nappies to fit baby’s shape perfectly, but I have rounded up the most popular prefold folds in terms of ease and practicality on the blog. Click here for more information.

Classic Hemp Prefolds (add hemp trifold for night absorbency)
Contour Hemp Prefolds
360 Cover (waterproof outer)