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  • Soakmaster fitted night nappy night cloth nappies

    Tandem Trial Pack: RAWr Night Nappies


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    See what suits you and your little individual. Includes: 1x Stuff n Snap sized All-In-One waterproof night nappy, and 1x Soakmaster1000 OSFM bamboo fitted cloth night nappy (requires a separate cover for waterproofing - we suggest the Disana Wool Cover for best overnight results which can also be used as an extra layer over the Stuff n Snap as water resistant pyjama pants. Each nappy in the tandem trial pack is a complete night cloth nappy. You can interchange the trifolds between the Soakmaster1000 and Stuff n Snap AIO. The Soakmaster is a fitted nappy and requires a cover for waterproofing when used by itself. Nappy and snap colours will be chosen at random, please leave a note at checkout if requesting particular colours. Every effort will be made to include requested colours but if they are not available the closest match will be substituted. Please note Soakmaster shells are only available in black snaps at the moment.
  • Value Pack: Premium Night Nappies


    or 4 payments of $32.25 with Afterpay

    The night nappies included in value packs are complete cloth night nappies and each include their standard inserts. Inserts can be interchanged between each nappy and between Soakmaster1000 nappies and Stuff n Snaps if buying a mixed pack. Soakmaster1000 fitted night nappies require a wool or PUL cover for waterproofing overnight.

    • Buy a 3 nappy value pack if you already have at least one dedicated night nappy and want just enough nappies to get into 100% cloth every night.
    • We recommend buying a 6 pack if you live in a climate with longer-than-average drying times, more than one baby or child in night time cloth, or if you just want to have piece of mind that you will always have a night nappy clean and ready to go.
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    Value Pack: Night Weight Bamboo Prefolds – DISCONTINUED


    or 4 payments of $9.25 with Afterpay

    Made from thirsty bamboo terry and super heavy weight bamboo fleece, super heavy weight bamboo prefolds are designed to be folded and laid inside the 360 Cover, other PUL covers or the Toddler-One-Size Pocket for overnight 12-14 hours wear.

    Discounted bulk buy packs 3 or 6 night nappies + covers or pull ups. To buy single bamboo night weight prefolds click here.

    If using prefold nappies full time we recommend 24 hemp prefolds, 8 to 10 covers or pull ups, and 3 to 6 night weight prefolds to allow for washing and drying every 2 to 3 days.

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    prefold nappy sizes

    Trial Pack: Day/Night Hemp Prefolds and PUL Cover or Pull Up


    or 4 payments of $11.25 with Afterpay

    RAWr prefold nappies are a more traditional, no fuss approach to nappying newborn through to 5 or 6 years old. Simple to use and wash, durable and great value for money. Classic hemp nappies are designed with absorbency for day use of up to 4 hours wear, with the addition of the hemp trifold they are designed with absorbency for night use of 10-12 hours wear. Approximate sizing:
    • Size zero: 0 - 3 months (Up to 5.5kg)
    • Size one: 2 - 12 months (4.5 to 9kg)
    • Size two: 6 months - 2.5 years (7.5 to 12kg)
    • Size three: 2 - 6 years (11 to 24kg)
    This bundle includes a 15% off voucher to spend on any value pack when you decide to stock up on these awesome nappies!
  • night nappy trial pack

    Full Trial Pack: RAWr® Night Nappy Solutions

    or 4 payments of $32.25 with Afterpay

    Nappies included are complete cloth night nappies and each include their standard inserts. You can interchange inserts from one nappy in the other as they are both boosted by stuffing the pocket. The bamboo prefold can be used as night nappy using the 360 cover or as extra absorbent layers. The Soakmaster1000 requires PUL cover for waterproofing.

    Suggestions to get the most out of the trial pack:

    • Use the 360 PUL cover as a waterproof layer over both the Soakmaster1000 night nappy and bamboo night weight prefold,
    • Use the bamboo night weight prefold to stuff the Soakmaster1000 or Stuff n Snap large or XL,
    • Boost the outside of the Soakmaster1000 using the bamboo night weight prefold, between nappy and cover,
    • For a heavy overnight wetter purchase extra boosting - mini booster and/or tummy booster and a Disana organic wool nappy cover to increase absorbency.
  • Eco friendly cloth nappy baby shower gift eco-friendly-baby-shower-gift

    Cloth Nappy New Baby Gift Pack


    or 4 payments of $19.25 with Afterpay

    An eco friendly baby shower gift pack is a thoughtful and unusual present for a new Mumma. Especially for new parents who are zero waste and environmentally minded.


    • one mini hemp contour prefold nappy - the easiest choice to start with cloth nappies, produced from a hemp/cotton blend which is soft and stretchy and only gets more supple and comfy with washing. Hemp is absorbent and kind to the planet, it is also naturally resistant to mould and mildew. Size 0 – 6 months.
    • one night time prefold nappy - a traditional bamboo prefold but more absorbent for use overnight. Up to 80% more absorbent than other prefolds, bamboo is super thirsty and lusciously soft - not to mention easy to clean. Can be used in conjunction with the mini contour prefold for longer stretches. Size 0 – 3 months.
    • one mini360 Cover - an amazingly flexible and multifunctional waterproof cloth nappy cover which is easily used with any type of fitted, flat or prefold nappy. Fits from newborn up to 6-8 months.
    • one sample pack of bamboo nappy liners - making change time clean up easier, free from bleaches, perfumes and other nasties. Made from 100% super fine and super soft natural bamboo fibre.
    • option to add one baby bum balm 5omL tub - made with 100% natural and nourishing organic ingredients, and handcrafted to soothe delicate baby skin and protect from redness. This nappy cream is safe for use with any cloth nappies and is also super effective on cradle cap.
    This gift pack includes a 15% off voucher for the new Mum to spend at RAWr when she decides to stock up on some more nappies.  
  • Trial Pack: Disana Natural Nappies Day/Night Bundle


    or 4 payments of $5.99 with Afterpay

    Includes: 1x Organic cotton knitted tie nappy 1x Organic cotton muslin nappy 1x Brushed cotton liner 1x Organic wool cover (if selected) This will allow you to try the core products which make up the Disana nappy system, to make sure you like them before stashing up (10% discount code on follow up order is offered with this pack). Cotton knitted tie nappies and cotton muslin nappies can each be used separately with the brushed cotton liner inside for absorbent boosting. All three pieces may be used together for night time, but if you have a heavy wetter overnight it is recommended to add a RAWr hemp or bamboo prefold. This is because many more layers of cotton are required to achieve the same absorbency as one prefold. Ethically made in Germany by Disana from GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton and GOTS Certified 100% Organic Merino Wool.