Boost Modern Cloth Nappies with extra nappy inserts:

Add the RAWr Night Weight Prefold to pocket nappies for overnight absorption for heavy wetters.

Stretchy Hemp Terry Prefolds are great boosting, not only in RAWr Nappies but in most pocket nappies on the market – even the cheapies!

Use Mini Bamboo Boosters to boost up any Modern Cloth Nappy, including prefolds and flats.

RAWr Super Heavy Weight Bamboo Trifolds are the most absorbent you will find – perfect for nights in cloth.

Clever Soakmaster1000 Tummy Boosters are designed to stay put by snapping to the front of the Soakmaster1000 fitted night nappy for front wetters and tummy sleepers.

Additional Contour Inserts – Bamboo and Microfibre for extra boosting.

Protect your cloth nappies with reusable or disposable liners, keep them pristine:

RAWr 100% Natural Bamboo Disposable Nappy Liners are flushable, compostable and super soft on baby’s bum.

Reusable Microfleece Nappy Liners protect nappy inners from stains and creams.

Raw Silk Liners are perfect for a rashy bum – the unprocessed silk promotes healing dry and sore skin.