You can avoid mistakes and frustration, I’m here to help you avoid the confusion and that nervous feeling of “is it going to work for me?”.  Overnight nappies don’t need to be difficult (or make your baby’s bum uncomfortably bulky) but they DO need to be a little different from most day nappies in order to perform well night after night.

So lets take this step by step….

STEP 1. WHICH STYLE IS RIGHT FOR BABY & YOU? A Style Guide to Night Nappies.
This is important. You need a solution that is best for baby’s comfort as well as something that suits you. It needs to be easy for you to get a good fit before bedtime (it’s an exhausting time of the day) and suit your laundry and care routines.
For example, your climate might be a deciding factor effecting drying times. Your lifestyle may not allow for hand washing wool covers (or it just might be something you don’t enjoy doing). You might need something that is easy for other carers to get the hang of quickly if you are not the only person putting baby to bed each night. Do you have a heavy wetter or power wetter? This may be why you have come to RAWr, but if you are unsure then testing absorbency is ahead in step 2!

The two main style options are:

  • your first option is a two-part night nappy (for example a fitted nappy or prefold with separate cover): Prefolds are good for a hot climate, cover and nappy will dry quickly avoiding mold, in a cold climate they have a similar advantage and prefolds can be thrown in the dryer if it’s needed too. Fitteds can take a little longer to dry. A prefold (Night Weight Prefold) in a cover is a simple set up for other carers and fitted (Soakmaster1000) nappies are great for heavy wetters as the cover is separate giving a complete outer layer of waterproof fabric.

RAWr Solutions:

RAWr Night Weight Prefold (optional boosting with thirsty mini boosters folded inside)

Soakmaster1000 Fitted Night Nappy with stay-dry fast athletic wicking jersey inner against the skin,

360 PUL or MinkyPUL Cover (PUL is stretchier and recommended over fitted nappies while minky works perfectly with prefolds)

Disana Organic Wool Soakers two layers of 100% wool absorb excess urine and protect from leaks when worn over the Soakmaster1000.

  • the other cloth option is a one-piece night nappy, which will be an All-In-One (AIO) or pocket nappy (both styles which do not require a separate cover for waterproofing):

    Inserts/boosting are separated for washing
    but nappy is stuffed and fit as one piece at bedtime. AIO’s (Stuff n Snap) need a little longer to dry so a warm climate suits well, in a cold climate you might need to allow them some extra time on the line. No separate care instructions for a cover (because you don’t need one), just wash and dry the same as your day nappies. Easy for other carers to fit. You may need to experiment a little with insert placement to get it right for power wetters as the cover is inbuilt there can be wicking spots where absorbent fabric meets outer layer.

RAWr Solutions:

RAWr Stuff n Snap Night Nappy AIO (includes two separate bamboo inserts which are added to the inbuilt pocket for overnight absorbency)

Sounds like a pain doesn’t it?! But it’s simple really: If you want to find out how much baby wets overnight just weigh the nappy before you put it on at night, and again when you take it off in the morning. Grams are closely interchangeable with millilitres in this instance, it’s hardly lab testing but it will give you a good impression of baby’s nightly output.

As a guide, the average newborn will output 280-380ml per 24 hours, a 6 month old approximately 400-500ml, a 12 month old approximately 500-600ml and a 3 year old 600-700ml. Like heights and weights, these figures are an average estimate and some will be more, some less – but all our nappies are purposefully designed to be able to meet the needs of babies at each age and stage.

RAWr Nappies approximate absorbency:

As well as being super absorbent to start with, the brilliant thing about all these options is how easy it is to add more absorbency:

STEP 3. IS BABY A ‘HEAVY WETTER’? Now we decide whether baby is a light/medium/heavy wetter and how FAST IS THEIR FLOW? Ie. have you got a ‘Power-Wetter’?
This is where we start to note how varied our lovely little individuals are, and how that is invaluable in selecting nappies (especially night nappies):

  • Is she soaking through everything and her absorbency test suggests her output is above average?
    Yes? Then she would be a heavy wetter!
  • Was his nappy quite light when you tested absorbency, but you discovered that when he does let go he soaks straight through the front?
    Yes? He sounds like a power-wetter!
    And now you know that considering these things helps to choose what is right for baby and you.

If you have a heavy wetter, you probably already knew that and I bet you didn’t even do an absorbency test! It just may be worth doing one tonight so you can check against the absorbency numbers in Step 2 and determine which style you prefer and what you need to keep up with baby’s wetting. Also considering how baby sleeps as another factor that can cause leaks will bring you up to Night Nappy Level: Expert, which is what we are looking at in Step 4…

STEP 4. IS BABY A TUMMY/BACK/SIDE SLEEPER? (or all of the above!)
If you are co-sleeping I’m sure you know this already, if baby is sleeping in a separate bed or you are just not quite sure of the answer, give yourself the opportunity to check and consider their sleeping position in your quest for leak free, effective night nappies!

Tummy Sleepers often have gravity working against their comfortable leak free nights, especially little boys. A common cause of leaks is because all their nightly wee is collecting at the lowest point and overfilling only the front part of the nappy.

Side Sleepers can have the same problem, and are often prone to the most leaks as there is not much absorbency on the sides or hip area of their nappy.

Back Sleepers tend to have the least wicking and leaking as they have the most absorbent layers to work through, unless baby is a heavy wetter and soaking through it all!

Tummy sleeping and side sleeping babies CAN successfully wear cloth nappies at night and this is where RAWr Nappies is committed to finding solutions to work for your baby. I will explain how each style works and why the RAWr range offers a solution for everyone:

Soakmaster1000 Fitted Night Nappy: With the fast wicking athletic jersey as the inner layer, heavy wetters (even tummy and side sleeping heavy wetters!) have a fully absorbent fitted nappy with super-soaking microfibre core to distribute wetness more evenly through the bamboo and cotton layers overnight. Bonus is, the nappy inner is SO good at wicking, you get a stay dry inner without the absorbency-slowing problems of other polyester stay dry fabric inners like microfleece and suedecloth.

RAWr Stuff n Snap Night Nappy AIO: With a soft absorbent bamboo velour inner, it is not ‘officially’ stay-dry but an absorbent fabric which means no barrier to soaking through to the inside layers. The texture of the velour acts as a comfortable lining that won’t hold excess moisture against the skin and pulls that wetness through to the super absorbent microfibre core to distribute to the bamboo layers stuffed inside the pocket.

RAWr Night Weight Prefold: Generally not as absorbent as the premium night nappies on it’s own but is used very successfully on tummy and side sleepers with the RAWr 360 PUL Cover, especially with a mini booster folded inside.

STEP 5: THE LAST STEP: Choosing which option suits baby and you!
I hope the steps I’ve shared have helped you to work through what to consider when thinking about night nappies and researching RAWr’s solutions. I hope my guide has helped you to decide which option is for you, but if you are still unsure check out the links to the nappy styles above and take the plunge!

If you need extra assistance in choosing the right size or have any questions please contact us I’ll jump at the opportunity to work through any night nappy challenges you may face and am always happy to help find your solution!

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