When looking for the best dedicated night time cloth nappy for baby the two most important things most parents look for are:

  1.  Absorbency. It needs to get through 12-14 hours overnight, right?

  2. Comfort. Baby needs to be able to rest well during the night, only waking for feeds and not out of wetness or discomfort from a poorly fitting or over stuffed nappy.


This is the big one, how could a cloth nappy possibly soak up as much as a disposable with their wood pulp and super absorbent polymers (aka. SAP/hydrogel/sodium polyacrylate)? And let me tell you, cloth nappies are up to the challenge. Many parents looking for a dedicated night nappy are frustrated with disposable nappies (yes even the big brands). And many RAWr customers use disposable nappies during the day, while using cloth at night. Because they work better in helping heavy wetting babies get a good night’s sleep.
The first step to figure out which cloth nappy will be right for you, is to measure the amount baby wets overnight. Sounds like a painful job yeah? It’s so easy, just make a note of what baby’s nappy weighs before you fit it tonight, and then weigh it again in the morning. Grams and millilitres are closely enough related to give you an estimate of what you need. As an example, the RAWr Stuff n Snap absorbs 645ml to 880ml depending on size, which is more than your average toddler wets over 24hrs! Click here to check the absorbent capacities of RAWr night nappies.


A dedicated night nappy must fit well, this is where we can’t compromise. The goal is for baby to be comfy and dry all night. Wouldn’t it be the worst feeling to wake up wet? Little babies will most likely wake up overnight because of an empty tummy, we don’t want to add more discomfort to that. So look at leg and waist fit – not too tight, but not too loose either. If there is any gaping the wee will make a bee-line for it and wick onto PJ’s and sheets.
When it comes to comfort you need to avoid red nappy rash too. Nappy rash can develop fast, and spending the night in one nappy can contribute to a flare up. We have put a lot of time into testing and deciding on the best fabrics to spend the night against delicate bottoms. Our best advice is to look for natural or fast wicking inner fabrics (ie. athletic wicking jersey), or use a liner with the fabric you prefer to use against baby’s skin.
night time nappies

When I had my first baby I felt overwhelmed and frustrated trying to find the best cloth nappies to last overnight. If you are feeling this way too we can help you out!

We have over eleven years experience with cloth night nappies now. With help and support it’s easy to fast forward to dry nights when you know the tricks to leak-free night nappy cloth solutions. Which is why I have put together a free downloadable guide to help ease into the world of cloth nappies for naps, travelling and overnight covering:

  • There are more options for nights than you think. There is no perfect night nappy for everyone. Every family and every baby are different, if someone tells you it can only be done their way don’t believe it! It can be done your way, and easily.
  • Use what you’ve already got! You’ll be surprised what can be used to boost for nights. If you are not ready to buy new – dive into your stash and see what you’ve got on hand that will work.
  • Get a good fit. Some nappy designs work better than others to stay put all night, you need to know what to look for.
  • Why popular ‘stay-dry’ inners are not the best option for night time and can actually contribute to leaks and wicking.
  • You will also receive a special offer discount for when you make your first order with RAWr!
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