Night Nappies by RAWr are a range of reusable cloth night time nappies for heavy wetters designed to keep your baby happier, dry, comfortable and let you get a good nights sleep.

We offer solutions:

to rashes and allergies
to bedwetting
to leaks and wicking in disposables or cloth.

Trim fitting, absorbent and comfortable night nappies made with non-allergenic bamboo velour or athletic wicking jersey inners. All OEKO Tex certified safe for baby and certified organic fabrics where possible.

Night Nappies by RAWr Nappies are designed especially for heavy wetters.

There are more options for night times in cloth nappies than you think. Every baby is different and you can successfully use cloth nappies at night 100% your way, no fuss.

Use what you’ve got and be surprised how easily you can boost your modern cloth nappies to use as night nappies and get a good night’s sleep. Browse organic and one size cloth nappies, purchase online for a fast and easy delivery. Easy returns and expert cloth nappy advice will see your baby sleeping in cloth nappies through the night.

Night nappies designed especially for heavy wetters, bigger kids and nights in cloth our range includes:

Stuff n Snap® Night Nappy AIO Pocket our best seller – a night nappy that doesn’t need a separate cover to keep baby dry all night. With super soaker core, full layer of bamboo and enough absorbency for heavy wetters.

SoakMaster1000 Fitted Night Nappy is our other best seller. Designed for heavy night time wetting. The thirstiest night nappy around – a super soaker core and full layers of bamboo fleece, bamboo jersey and bamboo terry. With a large pocket and the option for outside tummy boosting. This nappy requires a PUL or lanolised wool cover for waterproofing.

Night Weight Prefolds are the best budget friendly night nappy. A simple and absorbent overnight cloth nappy: Designed to be folded in three and laid inside a 360 Cover and easily boosted for heavy wetters.

360 PUL and Minky Covers to use with prefolds, flats and fitted nappies for day or night time cloth. The internal gusset offers superior leak protection. Designed specifically to fit like a glove over RAWr prefolds and the Soakmaster1000 fitted night nappy.

Toddler One Size Pocket Pull up Nappy used as a pull up it can be stuffed for day or night time use. Stretchy PUL fits 6 months to 6 years. The internal gusset offers superior leak protection.

We are also proud to be an Australian stockist of Disana woollen cloth nappy covers which are by far the best wool covers to use for heavy wetters overnight.