My top six suggestions to cure a sore bottom naturally, before it gets out of control.

  1. Nappy free time (as much as you can), and frequent nappy changes,
  2. Make sure baby’s nappies are being cleaned properly. Nappies that are not fully cleaned will hold an unpleasant wee smell. On the other hand, nappies that are being washed in detergent with strong additives like fragrances and bleaches can also cause skin reactions. Wash and soak in an effective, additive-free washing powder like Trinature or Bosisto’s. If nappies smell, wash and soak in hot water rather than cold and add extra rinse cycles before and after the main wash.
  3. Cornflour or natural talc free powder – like Nature’s Child Organic Baby Powder. Just sprinkle a little on the inside of the nappy before fitting it to avoid breathing it in,
  4. A natural cream such as Melvory Skincare Baby Bum Balm which contains hardworking but gentle ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter which act to nourish and protect sensitive baby skin.
  5. Draw an oatmeal bath for baby. You can purchase bath/body washes from DermaVeen and Aveeno at the Supermarket or just DIY.
  6. Use cloth nappies with a gentle fabric against the skin – suede cloth in particular is known to irritate the skin and cause nappy rash if left on too long.

To use the adage, prevention is always better than a cure. It is far easier to stop rashes happening in the first place by using high quality nappies, keeping baby’s bum as clean and dry as possible, and washing nappies well with a pre-rinse and extra rinse at the end of the cycle.

Treat Nappy Rash Early

If baby’s nappy rash is not treated as soon as it is noticed it can become very inflamed and sore in a short time. This can lead to a more serious skin infection. If the rash does not ease with a combination of the natural nappy rash remedies listed above it is important to consult with your GP or pharmacist for a stronger cream. This will not mean you have to ditch the cloth and buy disposable nappies – just use liners and change very regularly while treatment continues (unless otherwise advised by a medical professional of course).

Finally, if you suspect a recurring nappy rash is being caused by a serious allergy, infection or illness then consult with a pharmacist, registered child health nurse, GP or other medical professional as soon as possible.