Looking at using cloth nappies? Was it easy to find some basic terry squares in Kmart or Big W? Or have you already had a pile of them gifted to you as a good start to try cloth. But where do you find good plastic pilchers or baby waterproof pants to make sure baby’s nappy doesn’t leak?

In recent times PolyUrethane Laminate (PUL) cloth nappy covers have gradually taken over from the traditional pilchers of the past.

Pilchers were traditionally a cheap pull up or tie-on cover made from plasticised PVC. Often phthalates are used to soften what starts out as a hard plastic, like the PVC used in pipes. Phthalates have been banned from use in baby and children’s plastic toys since 2011, as they are a known hormone disruptor and not good to wear right against developing reproductive systems!

As modern cloth nappies have become better designed, we have also become more conscious of making healthy choices. Not only for our babies, but also to consider our environmental impact.

Cloth nappies and covers are now manufactured from waterproof PUL. It is breathable, stretchy and soft, and can be very easily cleaned and laundered. It contains no harmful chemicals, and currently is the nicest (and most cost effective) material for waterproof baby items – like cloth nappy covers! In the cloth nappy market today the polyurethane is most often laminated to a polyester interlock knit fabric for stretch, or polyester minky fabric (pictured above in our 360 covers) for soft and fluffy bum fashion!

Don’t want to use plastic at all?

You can easily go plastic free when it comes to cloth nappies and your baby. At RAWr we offer super soft hemp terry prefolds which can be teamed with 100% wool covers. Hemp and wool is the most natural fabric combination (that actually absorbs well and feels soft against the skin). It is a perfect combo for parents looking to reduce plastic use – there’s not even any elastic or snaps involved! Cotton fabric is also a popular choice to go completely plastic free. It is a great start but is not as absorbent as hemp, so you need more bulk (and it’s not as eco friendly in it’s production).

Would you like to trial RAWr Nappies answer to traditional cloth (especially great for heavy wetters)? We are currently offering our prefold trial pack again – to make cloth nappies easier than ever before: Click here to read more
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