It’s time to make a change! We’ve created a petition to end the nappy disposal problem

Most parents and parents-to-be consider climate change an imminent threat to their children’s future. Eighty-six percent of parents stated that the Government should take action to cut down on nappy disposal. It’s well-known that plastics used for single use have been directly associated with climate change since they are made of fossil fuels, which release enormous amounts of greenhouse gases. Single-use plastics constitute one of the most harmful pollutants on our planet, as they continue to generate greenhouse gas emissions even after they’ve been removed, in the case of single-use nappies, which is approximately 500 years!

Disposable nappies are a one-use plastic!

Every day throughout the UK, 10 million plastic single-use nappies are burned or in landfills. This is a staggering number of 250 million daily across the globe! The most eco-friendly action we can take is to reuse the products we purchase. Reusable nappies are a solution to the nappy sludge problem. Parents and caregivers need help making the change.

It’s time for a national discussion on how nappy disposal is critical in eliminating plastics and fighting to stop climate change.

Babies need to be heard

On the 26th of June, We took a crowd of revolutionaries in Parliament Square, London, in a demonstration to increase attention to the devastating effects of single-use disposable nappies. With babygrows in their t-shirts and trailblazing designs with slogans of protest such as “My nappy’s garbage Our future isn’t disposable’ and ‘It’s my earth, and I’ll cry if wish to’ Bambassadors(tm) even as young as four months protested against the environmental destruction created by nappies made of single-use insisting on immediate changes to safeguard their futures.

It’s time for change

We’re determined to take on this issue head-on and draw attention to this problem, to increase awareness, and to pressure those in charge to tackle the issue. We’re fighting for people who haven’t been able to be heard. We’ve started petitions urging the Government to take steps immediately.

The Petition

It’s time to make a change, and the Government must make the problem of nappy disposal an immediate priority. We’ve listened to all the parents’ concerns across the nation. We are leading in this debate by launching a petition that calls for the Government to devise a national strategy to cut down on the amount of nappy trash by other single-use plastics.

Please sign the petition to demonstrate your support. Let the Government know that we need a nationwide strategy to reduce the amount of nappy wastage Now!

Why now?

Over the past twenty-five years, we’ve developed healthier nappies for children, parents, and our world. Today, we’re leading the Reusable Revolution to free the world of disposable nappies. About half of the parents (55 percent) claim that their child has talked to them about environmental issues and is asking them to cease the associated acts like using single-use plastics. Following COP26, the Government put an action plan for ensuring that education on climate change is included in the curriculum to ensure every child is taught the necessity of protecting and conserving our planet. The children of the future realize how crucial this matter is.

We are founded by Ournschieff, who says, “Single-use nappies comprise 75% of plastic, and with an enormous amount of them being thrown away each day – the environment we’re creating for our future generation is getting more messy every day. We have a responsibility to alter the way we live now.

Create a tiny rebellion

Make sure to outfit your little rebels with our limited-edition selection of Trailblazing Tees, and go out and about with our rebellious toolkits to spread the word. It is also possible to get the Activist Kit  containing all the tools needed to start your revolution, including templates for your campaign and guidelines.

If you’re inspired to eliminate single-use nappies, consider the Changemaker Bundle. The bundle is convenient and economical and includes everything you’ll need from birth until the potty.

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