How to stop procrastinating and get started using cloth nappies

It’s ok, and we get it. You have done so much research on cloth nappies. But you need to learn how to get the best fit.

Perhaps you are more confused than ever and need help knowing where or how to begin.

Cloth Nappy Analysis Paralysis

Analyse Paralysis is when you don’t know how to move forward because of overthinking, under-researching, and over-complicating things. This is a common problem that parents or future parents will often experience if they want to use reusable nappies.

There’s so much information available, but it’s only sometimes accurate. It’s not to suggest that it is inaccurate information. Still, every person who responds to a question on Facebook or posts an Instagram message shares their personal experience.

Although experience is valuable, it’s not necessarily a guideline. Save time reading through hundreds of blog posts and social media posts. Here’s what I recommend you do first if you still need to purchase some nappies.

You can find The Cloth Nappy Podcast via Spotify, Apple, or the web. The Cloth Nappy Podcast’s first series will provide facts and opinions on each available reusable napkin. It will take about an hour to find the right one. There’s no branding bias—just information.

This will give you all the information you need to decide which style is best for you and the potential downsides. There are no downsides to terry’s nappies. They are inexpensive, efficient, washable, and dry quickly. However, you will need to learn how to fold them. The drying time is another issue. These are usually a matter of personal preference and whether your situation can handle them. It’s not difficult for me to fold a terry, but I wouldn’t say I like nappies that dry slowly, so I avoid those that take too long.

How to start using reusable nappies

Wash the nappies you have bought and place one on your baby. Despite all the talk about ‘fit checks’ on social networks, the fit of a napkin can be pretty flexible, so give it a try. If your little one flies out the leg holes at every opportunity, you can adjust the next one to fit better around the leg. You’ll need to change within a few hours. Keep an eye out for poop while you wait. There are no severe consequences.

You don’t have to be nervous about changing your cloth nappy. If you have to wait a bit to change the diaper, or if there is a leak, it won’t be a problem. Be patient, give yourself space, and remember that you are still learning and improving daily.

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