They’re all ways to fold prefold nappies of course!

If you already knew that then I just know you will love our stretchy hemp terry prefolds – they have all the stretch and softness of a stretchy bamboo or cotton prefold but with more endurance and less environmental impact. In short, they are the bomb in the prefold world! Scroll to the bottom for more info on our current bundle deal in November: 2 Stretchy Hemp Terry Prefolds + a 360 Cover + 100 liners for only $49!

If you don’t know a lot about prefolds but are interested in simplifying your stash (namely, adding simple to use and wash nappies that can fit through most ages and stages) then please read on!

Prefolds are a firm favourite in many cloth nappy households, for the simple fact that they are so… well, simple! They are quite flexible in the ways they can be used, there is always something you can try if a particular fold isn’t working, and when you add the 360 Cover, they rival All-in-Ones in terms of being day care, or ‘sometimes-carer’ friendly!

Prefolds are so named as they are sewn up as ‘pre-folded’ flats, so they already have extra fabric down the middle (where it’s most needed). They can be used with or without pins or snappi fasteners, can be worn with or without a cover and are can be used as boosting in pocket nappies too!

There are lots of ways you can fold them to fit baby’s shape perfectly, but I have rounded up the most popular prefold folds in terms of ease and practicality:

How to Burrito Fold Prefold
How to Jelly Roll Prefold
How to Bikini Fold Prefold

But my all time favourite is the pad fold, it’s so so easy (for everyone) and it is what the 360 Covers are primarily designed for – they keep the prefold perfectly in place and create a 360 degree leak proof gusset protection when worn:
Prefold Pad Fold…and for a little demo on how the gusset sits against baby once worn, watch this quick demo,
360 PUL Nappy Cover (fitting on baby):

Read more about the prefolds at RAWr!