Care Instructions


We recommend washing your RAWr Nappies at least once before their first use, as you normally would when buying new clothing. The bamboo in RAWr Stuff n Snaps can take up to 6-8 washes before reaching full absorbency, although they will work their super soaking magic very well even after their prewash!

Wash in cold or warm water with a gentle MCN-friendly* detergent according to instructions on the packet. If you do not have a detergent specifically recommended for MCN use a detergent free from harsh additives(like de-pilling agents, stripping agents), bleach, softeners and whiteners/brighteners.

No Bleaching or Napisan.

No Fabric Softeners or Vinegar.

Soak ONLY in plain warm or cool water (no greater than 40°C).

Do not iron.

Do not dry clean.

After Use:

1. If soiled remove into toilet using squirt hose or toilet paper.
2. Give nappy a quick rinse and place into a DRY pail/wetbag for up to two days, until ready to wash in machine.
3. Wash in washing machine up to 40°C on normal or long cycle, with pre-rinse, using MCN-friendly* detergent as per manufacturer’s instructions (if using a front loader set spin speed to 800rpm or less to reduce wear and tear on elastics).
4. Line dry, hang from middle of nappy to avoid overstretching leg elastic or lay flat in the sun (restrict to up to half a day in full hot sun to avoid high temps). (UV light has amazing ability to remove stains so giving your nappies a sun-bake removes the need for any chemical bleaching.)

Do not wash in hot water, use spin speed over 800rpm, use bleaching agents/whiteners or brighteners(these can cause rashes), harsh detergents containing enzymes (specifically cellulase), or dry nappy shells in a hot dryer – not only will these things will degrade the nappies’ fabrics and elastic but doing so voids our manufacturer’s warranty. It is particularly important to use only gentle MCN-friendly* detergents with RAWr Nappies, especially our certified organic colourgrown cotton as it is untreated and stripping/depilling agents in many detergents will literally strip the fibres out of existence.

RAWr Nappies supports the recommendations of The Australian Nappy Association (ANA), as found in this document: ANA Simple Washing Instructions

*Recommended detergents readily available in Australia (this list is not exhaustive, or quite finished yet, if you plan to use something not listed just check the ingredients do not contain bleaching agents, whiteners or cellulase (often listed as just ‘enzymes’ on detergent packaging):
Tri Nature, Bosistos Liquid, Biozet Liquid and Earth Choice Powder.

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