Terms, Payment, Returns and Shipping

FAQ: “What payment options do you offer?”
We offer payment by Paypal, Direct Deposit, ZipPay and Afterpay and Layby. Please check the terms before placing an order to be paid via layby.

FAQ: “What are ZipPay and Afterpay?”
ZipPay and Afterpay payment gateways are both safe, simple, and convenient payment options that let you shop online and pay later for your purchases – with no credit card and no interest. Both provide an account that allows you to pay the balance of your purchases at the end of the month, or break your payment into four smaller payments. And the best part is your order will be posted as if you have paid today! More information on ZipPay can be found here and information about Afterpay details can be found on the product pages.

FAQ: “What is your returns policy?”
If once you’ve received your order you feel you have chosen the wrong size or nappy, just get in touch right away before use or washing. You can send it straight back and I will send you the replacement(s) (please include a prepaid self-addressed satchel for the replacement to be returned in). All returning items must be unwashed and unworn, and sent back within 14 days of order placement – and all postage costs are the responsibility of the customer.

FAQ: “Do RAWr Nappies come with a manufacturers warranty?”
Yes, all RAWr branded products carry a 180 day warranty from date of purchase for the original purchaser, when used in accordance with RAWr Nappies’ care instructions which are included with each order.

More information can be found on the policies page which are agreed to on purchase.

FAQ: “How much will I be charged for postage/shipping costs?”
Each order is charged a flat rate of $9.95 regular tracked postage or $11.95 express post satchel within Australia. We also ship worldwide but as costs vary greatly between different countries we will need to quote and charge actual shipping fees for international orders, please choose ‘International Shipping’ during checkout, you will be charged $24.95 but if your postage is less you will be refunded the difference as soon as possible. Please email erin@rawrnappies.com.au with any feedback or if you have any questions about your order’s postage charges!

FAQ: “Can I pick my order up to save on postage?”
Definitely! If you live close by or are passing through northern Tasmania just choose local pick up when going through checkout. Orders may be picked up from Carrick Post Office (43 Meander Valley Hwy, Carrick TAS) and for your convenience you will be emailed a confirmation when it is ready to be collected. You are welcome to pay via ZipPay, Afterpay, Paypal or Direct Deposit or Cash on Pick-up for your order.

Caring for RAWr Modern Cloth Nappies

FAQ: “How hard are they to wash?”
Easy! For the benefits that using cloth nappies brings there is really no special care regimes to manage on top of your current laundry, but you do need to do a quick check of your laundry detergent to make sure it doesn’t contain stripping agents or bleaches which will wear your nappies’ fibres really fast if used regularly!

Throw used nappies (rinse night nappies and shake solid waste into the toilet first) into a dry pail – our extra large minky wetbags are PERFECT as a liner in your nappy bucket or hanging near the change table – When the pail is full or after a couple of days, just put the load in the machine (pull the booster(s) out of the pocket) and wash up to 40°C on a normal or long cycle using MCN-friendly* detergent as per manufacturer’s instructions (if using a front loader set spin speed to 800rpm or less just to reduce wear and tear on elastics).

Find more detailed care information here.

FAQ: “How often should I wash them?”
We recommend washing your nappies every two days.

FAQ: “Should I soak them in bleach or Napisan?”
Nooo! Don’t soak your RAWr Nappies in bleach or Napisan! Check your laundry detergent – harsh whitening, brightening or depilling agents and enzymes all sneak into many commercial detergents and these can be as harmful to your nappies’ fabrics (especially organic fabrics) as bleach. In times gone by Grandma used to boil and soak baby’s cotton terry nappies in bleach or stain remover. These days with more efficient and effective washing machines this is not necessary. Plus, Grandma’s nappies were just treated cotton terry squares, and easily replaceable. Use of these agents will not only void your warranty but they will quickly degrade your nappies, trash the PUL waterproofing and wear your elastics (not to mention introduce a bunch of harsh chemicals in your baby’s underwear which is what we are trying to avoid!).

If you do find a particularly stubborn stain will not come out with normal washing, we stock an excellent (chlorine-free and gentle) pre wash laundry soaker from Tri Nature which is safe to soak your nappies in. We also recommend and use Earths Choice Laundry Powder from the supermarket. After a soak, lay your nappy in the sun for an hour or two, the sun is nature’s free stain remover and it works absolute wonders!

Find more detailed care information here.

FAQ: “Do RAWr Nappies need to be prewashed before use?”
We recommend prewashing nappies not only to remove manufacturing residues but also to start building absorbency. Like new bathtowels, nappies are not a peak absorbency until they have been washed a few times – to start building absorbency soak overnight in cool water before first wash.

FAQ: “Can I use zinc and barrier creams with RAWr Nappies?”
Yes, as long as you use a liner against the inner of the nappy so that the cream doesn’t directly rub onto the bamboo velour. This would eventually create an oily barrier to the absorbency of the nappy. We stock reusable liners you can purchase at the same time as your nappies, in microfleece and also our clever coolmax/bamboo Velour RAWr-versible Wicking Liners which can act as a stay-dry layer OR a natural bamboo velour layer inside any nappy.

FAQ: “How do I keep baby’s bum dry?”
Instead of disposable liners or barrier creams, we recommend something really simple, cornflourSprinkle a small amount of cornflour (not talc or baby powder) inside the nappy before fitting it on baby and it will increase the dryness of baby’s skin against the nappy. This allows you to have only soft bamboo velour touching baby’s skin instead of irritating disposable liners. Over the years we have found many babies and young children in night nappies are not bothered by bamboo velour at all and get more benefit from this fabric lining than from synthetic inners.

Nappy Design Features and Use

FAQ: “What is the difference between Stuff n Snap Night Nappy Original and V2?”
The V2 Stuff n Snap was released in November 2016 and is based on the original Stuff n Snap pattern. The changes were made to give greater leak protection for heavy wetters, tummy and side sleepers with the most obvious being a new internal gusset covering the front panel and leg openings. Changes also include encased leg elastics and label placement moved from the back of the nappy to the wing.

FAQ: “What are the rise measurements of RAWr Nappies?”
All measurements are taken with a soft tape measure from the top of the front waist of the nappy, down under the crotch and back up to the back waistline, on the outside of the nappy, with elastic unstretched. To measure your baby’s rise measure from the belly button (or just below depending on the fit you want) then down through his or her legs and up to the small of the back, or back waistline. Bear in mind you need to allow a little ‘ease’ to the fit so take baby’s measurement allowing a bit of slackness to the tape measure as you go.

Stuff n Snap Night All-In-Ones:

  • Medium – 40cm approximately
  • Large – 45cm approximately
  • Extra Large – 50cm approximately

Soakmaster 1000 One Size Night Fitteds: 38cm(small setting) – 42cm(medium setting) – 47cm(rise unsnapped) approximately. These measurements are a good guide but vary a bit depending on whether pocket is stuffed or not and what it is stuffed with.

360 One Size Cover: 40cm(small setting) – 44cm(medium setting) – 49cm(rise unsnapped) approximately. These measurements are a good guide but vary a bit depending on what type of nappy the cover is used over.

HERO One Size Pockets: 35cm(small setting) – 39cm(medium setting) – 44cm(rise unsnapped) approximately.

Toddler One Size Pocket Pull-Up: 42cm(small setting) – 45cm(medium setting) – 50cm(rise unsnapped) approximately.

FAQ: “How Absorbent are RAWr Night Nappies?”
The RAWr Soakmaster1000 holds 650-960mls of liquid depending on the amount of boosting inside,
The RAWr Stuff n Snap Night AIO holds 645-880mls depending on size chosen (with no extra boosting),
The RAWr Prefold holds 410mls on it’s own, but is so easy to stuff with more if needed – just adding a RAWr trifold brings it up to 630mls of absorbency,
The RAWr Toddler One Size is the other night time option and it is very much dependant on what you stuff it with but easily fits a prefold and trifold with room for more!

As a guide to what those numbers mean, the average 6 month old will output approximately 400-500ml per DAY (24 hour period), a 12 month old approximately 500-600ml per DAY and a 3 year old approximately 600-700ml per DAY. Even if they hold all that in and save it for overnight, most of the RAWr Night options will be up to that challenge!
If you want to find out how much your baby wets overnight to make these numbers more significant to your needs, weigh their night nappy before you put it on at night and weigh it again after you take it off the next morning – grams are closely enough interchangeable with millilitres in these circumstances, and although hardly scientific this will give you a reasonable idea of your baby’s nightly output.

Fabric Certification

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. The bamboo velour, bamboo fleece and hemp terry used in RAWr Nappies’ products are all certified under the most stringent class, Product class I: Textiles and textile toys for babies and small children up to the age of three, e.g. underwear, romper suits, bed linen, bedding, soft toys etc. This give you an assurance that the fabric which is worn directly against baby’s skin is free from harmful substances including:

  • Illegal substances such as carcinogenic colourants
  • Legally regulated substances such as formaldehyde, plasticizers, heavy metals or pentachlorophenol
  • Substances which according to current knowledge are harmful to health, but which are not yet regulated or prohibited by law such as pesticides, allergenic dyes or tin-organic compounds
  • Parameters such as colour fastness and a skin-friendly pH-value, which are precautionary measures to safeguard consumer health

Overall the test criteria clearly exceed existing legislation and often have a pioneering function regarding legal regulations – such as the exclusion of carcinogenic azo dyes, the strict limit values for formaldehyde as well as the ban on allergenic dyes.