At RAWr we pride ourselves on offering great solutions and really considering how we can best help you get the most out of your cloth nappies, day and night. We have filled gaps in the market with our products, continuing to help babies, toddlers and big kids stay comfortable in good quality and gentle cloth nappies.

So, with this in mind, and as a progression on from our own products, we are super proud to have widened our Disana nappies collection available in Australia.

The Disana natural nappy system:

Disana Knitted Cotton Nappies – 5 Pack
These tie-on nappies are the foundation of their popular nappy system. Stretchy knitted fabric makes them easy to fit from newborn to toilet training with their simple and durable design.
Disana Cotton Nappy Pants (Velcro Shell)
The wrap design and brushed cotton give a gentle fit. Just lay an absorbent insert inside shell, this can be a Disana muslin flat nappy, RAWr prefold or trifold. A bamboo night weight prefold should be added for night time use.
Disana Cotton Muslin Nappies – 5 Pack
80x80cm square woven from fine cotton make these perfect for sensitive or eczema prone skin. Wash before use to fluff the fibres up for soft comfort and absorbency, ready to fold and fit.
Disana Brushed Organic Cotton Cloth Nappy
80x80cm brushed cotton square fibres have been ‘roughened up’ during manufacture making them more absorbent than other cotton nappies. Large enough to use as a blanket, change mat or bath towel as well.
Disana Brushed Cotton Liners – 5 pack
40x40cm brushed cotton squares designed to be used as absorbent boosting in the tie-on nappies and cotton nappy pants.
Disana Boiled Wool Nappy Wrap
This wool cover is a good choice for warmer climates as the wrap does not cover as much tummy and legs as the knitted woollen cover design.
Disana Knitted Wool Nappy Cover
Being made from especially soft merino wool makes this cover suitable for very small children. The high knitted waistband not only stops leaks, it keeps baby’s tummy lovely and warm, helping ease wind and colic pains.

Disana woollen pants as long nappy nappy covers or ‘longies’:

Disana Merino Wool Leggings
Longies are the perfect investment for baby to wear as pyjamas while doubling as an overnight wool cover. Stretchy and roomy to fit over night nappies – they will just need to be lanolised before use as a nappy cover.
Disana Merino Wool Knitted Overalls
Their stretchy design and high waistband make them comfortable and warm for winter and overnight. Braces are removable for washing or sleep times.
Disana Boiled (Felted) Wool Overalls
Dungaree style pants are cut high at the waist to keep tummy and back warm and dry. Hardwearing fabric with braces and reinforced knees and bottom are perfect for winter crawling and learning to walk.

Disana Nappy Accessories

Disana Merino Wool Knitted Sleeping Bag
The perfect accessory or gift for dedicated cloth nappy users and parents seeking more natural and sustainable products for the newest arrival. Packaged in a lovely recycled cardboard gift box.
Disana Organic Cotton Mattress Protector
A waterproof layer of polyurethane, encased by certified organic cotton on both sides. Especially useful for co-sleeping or night toilet training, as the brushed cotton fabric holds the pad in place and does not slip.
Disana Organic Reusable Baby Wipes – 5 pack
Washable baby wipes are a gentle and natural alternative to disposable wipes. Use and reuse to avoid nasty chemicals and added waste.
Disana Raw Silk Nappy Liners – 5 Pack
Made from 100% organic silk, they have an anti-inflammatory effect against the skin. The fabric also cools irritated skin so are widely used to help nappy rash effected skin heal. Use a new liner in each fresh nappy until skin is healed.

Disana has been dedicated to the manufacture of natural nappies and fabrics to the highest standard for almost 40 years. They use only organic untreated cotton, and ethical pure new merino wool in the production of their world famous nappy system and woollen children’s clothing lines.