Is it starting to feel like it would be easier to get through a nappy change if you had a box of Huggies pull ups? But, why use disposable? You don’t have to give up your cloth nappies just because your toddler is on the move (ie. never stops moving!) because there are reusable solutions!

RAWr toddler one size pull up pockets now make it easy to use cloth pull ups overnight!

cloth pull ups overnight

The Toddler-OS is designed to fit from 6 months to 6 years. Perfect as a reusable pull up night training pant for toddlers and older children because it can be stuffed with as little or as much as you like.

Our cloth pull up nappy has been super popular since it first hit the market two years ago. The beauty in it’s design lies not only in the massive size range it fits (did I mention 6 months to 6 YEARS!), but also with the inner 360 gusset, à la our popular 360 PUL Covers. A combination of stretchy PUL, great design and extra protective gusset means the Toddler-OS doesn’t have to be perfectly fit when pulled up in the middle of the night. Together with the athletic wicking jersey inner efficiently wicking wetness away from the skin, this nappy is the perfect fit for a good nights sleep for babies, up to late toilet trainers – and every one in between!

Are you looking for, or would you like to try, an overnight cloth nappy solution (especially for a heavy wetter)? You have found the best night nappy specialist store in Australia. Have a read of our free information about how to avoid common night nappy woes by signing up to our VIP mailing list: Grab the free PDF.

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