Our new drop of cloth pull up nappies is now available. Bedwetting often happens for a while after day time toilet learning, there’s not too many children who have their nights sorted at the same time as wearing undies during the day. Very often children up to (and past) six years old can still need something to catch a wee when they are in a deep sleep.

Cloth pull ups for bedwetters are becoming ever more popular as more parents are switching to reusable lifestyle options for younger children.

Do you still find yourself buying expensive single use bed wetter pull ups every week? The pricing on those things is out there, and why use disposables here when you are switching to greener options everywhere else? Cloth bedwetting solutions have been around for years, many are just a larger version of a night nappy though which may still require a wool cover and being fit in the same way as smaller nappies. If your big kid prefers to do it themself (like mine!) then single use pull ups may seem like the only option. Often a reusable nappy is labelled as a pull up but hasn’t really had any design changes to accomodate pulling the nappy up other than being made bigger, made to look more like undies or adding some side snaps.

We pride ourselves on being a bit different to the norm, and our cloth pull ups for bedwetters are the same. From the outside they just look like a side snap nappy but from the inside they work their magic to allow some flexibility with pulling up and down and not getting leaks. You can jump on eBay or Amazon and buy something claiming to be a reusable pull up for night time or similar but you need quality and good absorbent materials for this job and a $10 nappy is just not going to cut it.

We have come to the conclusion that, for the bedwetter pull ups hemp inserts are the best in terms of drying time, trimness and absorbency. With this in mind, our night time pull ups now include two thirsty hemp inserts which, when used together are more absorbent (and also more trim) than the previously supplied bamboo night weight prefold. We always welcome customer feedback on these things though so if you have any questions or experiences you would like to share please feel free to contact us.

If you are looking for, or would you like to try, cloth pull ups for bedwetters (especially for a heavy wetter) you have found the best night nappy specialist store in Australia. Have a read of our free information about how to avoid common night nappy woes by signing up to our VIP mailing list: Grab the free PDF.

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