My name is Megan, and I have a 14 month old son, Dexter. Let me share our cloth nappy journey.

Cloth was something that always interested me. The environmental factors played on my mind and it was something I thought about every time I placed another disposable on my baby.

As Dexter grew, we started to have more trouble with disposables. He is a big boy and was already squeezing into the biggest size disposables by 10 months. They leaked and never lasted all night. Dexter still fed during the night and no disposable nappy was absorbent enough. Changing his nappy in the middle of the night would upset him and was very disruptive to our sleep. I was hesitant to buy anything expensive because funds were tight and Dexter was already 11 months old. But I figured, even if I start small, use cloth once or twice a day, that’s still up to 730 nappies saved from landfill per year.

This made my heart happy and I knew it was worth it, even starting late. Plus I can keep all our nappies for any future children – Win win!

The first brand I chose was a pocket nappy, one size fits most. I picked the first thing I saw at the shops, it was cheap and it looked easy to use. But it was not a good fit for Dexter. He is very chubby, especially in the thigh. I needed something that will fit him until toilet training. That’s when I discovered RAWr! I started with a 360 cover and a night weight prefold to try, which really appealed to me because its so budget friendly for a night nappy! I was instantly blown away by the quality of the products I received and couldn’t wait to prep them for use.

I won’t lie, I had my doubts about cloth at night. The first night I was very
nervous. I used the night weight prefold, boosted with a bamboo booster, which was really simple to put together into the 360 cover, but I had trouble getting the nappy fitting correctly. I was SO used to paper-thin disposables, so it felt bulky and I was right out of my comfort zone!

That night I lay Dexter down in his cot on top of a towel, expecting that he will probably wake soon with wet clothes and will need a change… But alas! To my surprise he woke for his night feed completely dry! Then I thought it would definitely leak by morning because this is as far as the disposables ever held up.

Morning came and he was still dry! I did a happy dance as I removed his nappy. The prefold was heavily wet but everything was contained. I was so stoked!

Every night since then has been exactly the same. After a few nights, the nappy was so easy to put on and I got used to how it felt and how it fits. Its all second nature for me now and even my husband has no trouble.

Our favourite insert for day use is the stretchy hemp terry prefolds. We are yet to have a leak from our RAWr nappies, day or night and my son is a fairly heavy wetter! They have turned out to be our most reliable and reached for nappy in our stash by myself and my husband! We particularly love how the covers are a generous size, big enough to fit over any night nappy but also snap down small enough for a younger baby, which we will definitely need in future.

“..our most reliable and reached for nappy in our stash by myself and my husband”

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Thank you to Megan and Dexter for their review of our prefold nappies and covers.