There are so many options when buying cloth nappies, even more choices than you face when standing in the baby aisle at the supermarket! So, how do you choose?

Buy ‘old school’ terry cloth nappies Kmart, or buy the latest in designer cloth nappy fashion on the internet. When it boils down to it your nappies just need to do their job, but what does that mean to you?

The 5 main reasons parents choose reusable cloth nappies:

  1. To save money

  2. Reducing exposure to toxins and synthetic materials

  3. Reducing household waste and living sustainably

  4. Due to leaks in disposable nappies

  5. Choosing ethical products

If you want to save money on nappies the best choice is Target, Kmart or Big W cloth nappies – those cotton terry squares I mentioned before. These will need a fastener – pins or a ‘snappi’ nappy fastener, also available from the store, and a waterproof cover (it is now advised to avoid PVC for health reasons) made from PUL, fleece or the more natural choice of wool.

If you are reducing toxin and synthetics exposure it is a given that avoiding any disposable nappies is the way to go. It is also important to learn which fabrics are used in modern cloth nappies. Many cheaper cloth nappies are made using lesser quality materials – look for Certified Organic or Organic Blended, OEKO-Tex certified safe for babies.

If you want to reduce your waste then any reusable nappy is a great choice, even just one cloth nappy a day makes a huge difference of 365 nappies saved from landfill per year! Even better again, choose good quality cloth nappies that will last for years (check reviews) and be used by multiple children – by getting a longer lifetime from your purchase the landfill savings stack up really quickly.

Disposable nappies leaking is the pits, especially when it’s number two’s! Many parents share your pain, and this can be the catalyst for a switch to cloth. If this the case then a trial cloth nappy pack is a must, before you buy a full stash in one brand head to a reputable multi-brand store like Cloth Nappies Downunder, Darlings Downunder, Ecotree Baby Boutique, Fluffy Bums, The Cloth Nappy Market or Tiny Footprints to sample and discover your baby’s best fitting cloth nappy.

If choosing ethical purchases is your thing then look for small businesses who strongly connect with offering ethically sourced baby products. You know they care about conditions and production of their products, and have researched their sources exhaustively. I can recommend Itty Bitty Greenie as a seller of high quality and very well researched products, her commitment to only stocking the best is inspiring!

Whether choosing cloth nappies to save money, reduce waste or shop ethical (or a mixture of reasons) don’t forget: Even just starting with one cloth nappy is great! It isn’t ‘all or nothing’ with cloth nappies and everyone has different recommendations and favourite brands so take the advice (like this post) on board and then go for what appeals to you!

So, do you have any tips for how to choose the best cloth nappy? What is your favourite style and why? Add a comment with your experience and advice!