How long does it take to decompose?

How long do nappies take to break down? Another great reason to use cloth nappies!

Another great reason to use cloth nappies (as if you needed more reasons): Disposable nappies are up there with the worst of them. Not only do they hang around for so long but they also make it seem acceptable to package up human poo to throw in the bin. Where it doesn’t magically disappear. It […]

Soakmaster fitted night nappy

What are people REALLY saying about the Soakmaster1000 Night Nappy?

When it comes to a night nappy review, well I guess there’s this quote: “OMG, what a game changer!”, and then there’s… “Perfect for our heavy wetting toddler!”, and more specific feedback like… “My little man now last 12+ hours, his skin feels dry when I take nappy off in the morning and his clothes […]

modern cloth is way too cute

7 Reasons You Should Not Consider Using Cloth Nappies

Using Cloth Nappies: 7 Reasons You Should Definitely Not Even Consider It! Before you read on, please let me preface this so there is no confusion. This post is only meant to have a light dig at some of the nonsensical reasons people give for not even considering cloth nappies as an option, or things that […]

Soakmaster fitted night nappy

About the Soakmaster1000. Jimmy Giggle, and some wildly unsubstantiated IP theft accusations.

I love the name of this nappy, I know a lot of other people like it too cause they’ve told me “cool name”, and some have even asked how I came up with it. I’d love to share a hilarious story, or an epic journey of how the ‘Soakmaster1000‘ was named. Alas, no. I just […]

we are five

Happy Birthday to RAWr! We are turning 5…

Say what?! RAWr’s been around for FIVE years now? That must mean it’s time to celebrate right? For sure it does, so here we go!   Hemp Terry Prefolds grab 5 for $50 (save over 20%). This limited offer is available till the 16th July. Limit 2 packs per order. 15% off all full priced products STOREWIDE! Enter coupon code RAWRBONANZA at […]

RAWr Nappies

Disana Organic Wool Nappy Covers are here!

Disana Wool Covers are trusted all over the world as a heavy duty night nappy worthy cover! Made from organic merino wool these covers are comfy, soft and stretchy and are now proudly being offered here at RAWr Nappies! Disana is a proud German company committed to ecology and sustainability in everything they do, for […]

night nappies

Introducing the Simply Nights Bundle!

Welcome to the RAWr Nappies Prefold and Cover ‘Simply Nights Bundle’! The RAWr Night Prefold and 360 Cover is the simplest night nappy you’ll use: With the combination of the 360° gusset and the heavy absorbency of bamboo terry and bamboo fleece, this is a night nappy that will hold up! If you have a […]

night nappies

Tri Nature ALPHA PLUS Laundry Powder and Optical Brighteners

As cloth nappies are becoming more popular and ‘normal’, discussion about caring for them pops up more often in Facebook groups and forums. A topic of conversation which has recently caught my attention is Optical Brighteners in laundry detergent – because my most favourite MCN washing powder in the whole world turns out to have OB’s in […]

night nappies

The new V2 Stuff n Snap is here!

Introducing the new wave of the RAWr Nappies Stuff n Snap! Carefully redesigned to cope with some serious night time wetting, the most obvious new feature of the V2 Stuff n Snap Nappy is it’s super protective front and leg gusset – tested on some of Australia and New Zealand’s heaviest wetting babies and receiving […]

night nappies

Exactly How Absorbent are RAWr Night Nappies?

Have you tested baby’s nappies for absorbency? What sort of numbers did you come up with? Below is a guide to the ‘soakability’ of RAWr Night Nappies, I think you’ll agree these babies certainly are thirsty!! The RAWr Soakmaster1000 holds 650-960mls of liquid depending on the amount of boosting inside, The RAWr Stuff n Snap […]

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