Love is the greatest gift, but cloth nappies are a super practical gift too!

From now till February 15 choose a free gift with any purchase over $99:


To receive your free gift with purchase over $99 just add one of the following coupon codes to your cart before checking out (they will show up down the bottom of the cart page for you to click on so no need to write these down):

  1. FREEGIFT-BOOST will add a five pack of Disana brushed cotton liners to your cart (worth $34.95)
  2. FREEGIFT-CHANGE will add two 50ml tubs of Melvory Baby Bum Balm to your cart (worth $29.95)
  3. FREEGIFT-CLEAN will add two 100packs of 100% bamboo fibre liners to your cart (worth $29.90)
  4. FREEGIFT-FASTEN will add two twin-packs of Boingo nappy fasteners to your cart (worth $29.90)
  5. FREEGIFT-SLEEP will add one 50ml tub of Melvory Baby Sleep Balm to your cart (worth $29.95)

These offers will only be available while stocks last so if you don’t see the coupon at the bottom of your cart this means that item has already sold out.

We are also offering our free PDF printable milestone/flatlay cards for all your Valentine’s Day bum shots!! Express your undying love for cloth nappies to the world with our cute and loved-up card designs – and they’re FREE!

Just click here to download the cards and print them out at home (comes with instructions): RAWr-Milestone-Card-Set-Valentines-Day-Mini

Cloth nappy milestone

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