The leaves are turning, and they are starting to fall. We can feel the season is changing and as we move into the cooler southern hemisphere weather, baby’s wardrobe needs start to change too.

The main change for cloth nappy users as weather cools is that our nappies start to take a little longer to dry (especially our thirsty night nappies). This is where prefolds and covers can work brilliantly over the transitional seasons of autumn and spring. They are quick to dry and can be thrown in the dryer for a quick finish to be used again sooner.

In autumn we can start to return to doubling pants as nappy covers. Although we may not need the warmth and thickness of ribbed leggings during the days they can come in handy for cooler nights in cloth.

Down south we often find our skin gets dry in the cooler weather, and this is true for baby too. Keep an eye on dry patches on baby’s face and body to avoid irritation and discomfort.

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