We are so thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Anavy to bring some ridiculously cute and fluffy fitted night nappies to Australian stores – to compliment our own Soakmaster1000 and Stuff n Snap reusable night nappies.

We have teamed up with Anavy to bring their gorgeous nappies to our Aussie shores! And to…

Posted by RAWr Modern Cloth Nappies on Wednesday, 24 March 2021

The story so far. 

I have been using the Toddler XL night nappy for over a year and have been so impressed with it’s quality and absorbency. I had seen them pop up on my feed occasionally and was taken with the cute prints so I ordered one – why not right?! With 2020 rolling round and bringing some incredibly difficult delays to getting stock on hand. Customers have been begging for something to use for nights that actually works for heavy wetters, and I didn’t have the products here to meet their needs. I decided to look at diversifying slightly and offer one of my other top favourite nappy brands in store. Ivana at Anavy has been so great to work with and made it very easy for me to pursue, which I feel when things fall into place in certain ways it is often because you are doing the right thing.

I have so wanted to help with your night nappy journey but it was made super difficult when I didn’t know when I could manage to get stock in, and I have never been able to quite keep up. More times than I can count I have been advised to approach one of the big factories but this is not in keeping with what we offer. Last year I absolutely threw myself into investigating having nappies made in Australia but this is just totally unfeasible in terms of cost, and finding a manufacturer who was even interested. I would prefer to support another Mum-run business who is smashing the quality and ethics side of her business, whether in Australia or overseas. With the success of Disana (I introduced their wool covers to our store in 2017 when I was finding it difficult to get my hands on one in Australia, and there was only a couple of stockists and their popularity has since exploded) and how it has filled a need, similarly Anavy fitted nappies will be of great value to some customers – they tick quite a few boxes in terms of requests from parents who contact me looking for good night nappy advice and help.

Anavy is exclusively available in Australia only at RAWr Nappies, with their beautiful wool and PUL covers being added to our offerings soon. If you see something else you like you are always welcome to request it and I will see if I can help you out. Just contact us and ask!

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