In Australia alone we throw 2 billion disposable nappies in landfill per year.Image copyright EPRG, The University of Surrey 2005.

-Two years worth of disposable nappies. Image copyright EPRG, The University of Surrey 2005

EVERY disposable nappy sent to landfill since their invention has still not even begun to break down.

DID YOU KNOW? Solid human waste is not meant to be put in the bin, whether inside a disposable nappy or not. Reputable disposable nappy companies state this clearly on their packaging, ie. that solid waste is to be put into the toilet (to go to the sewerage works), while the nappy is to go in the bin (to go to landfill). Part of the ease of disposables is wrapping up a little poo parcel and throwing it in the bin which is not how they should be used at all!